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The proposed amendments and adoptions of rules in Chapters 10A NCAC 13B Licensing of Hospitals and 10A NCAC 13C Licensing of. 10A NCAC 13B – General Requirements: Access and Safety. 10A NCAC 13B – Construction Requirements: Special Care Unit. 10A NCAC 13B MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS (a) Prior to occupancy of the facility, the facility shall obtain documentation verifying that all mechanical.

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Appointments shall be recommended by the medical staff and approved by the governing body.

If stable and cleared for transfer by the donor surgical team, the donor shall be cared for in a hospital unit that is dedicated to the care of transplant recipients or a hospital unit in which patients who undergo hepatobiliary resectional surgery are ncsc care. The minimum direct care nursing staff shall be 5. November 1, ; Repealed Eff. Any individual, nursing home, or education facility may offer Department approved vocational education for nursing home nurse aides.

Included is information which may have a significant impact on the individual’s condition or expected outcome such as family conferences or major events related to the patient. When a facility has nursing facility beds or adult care home beds, the beds shall be provided under the hospital’s license as provided in Rule. Policies and procedures shall include, but shall not be limited to:.


The rules contained in this Section shall apply to all psychiatric and substance abuse services nacc by any facility. They shall include the date to indicate the time of the most recent review or revision. Sufficient time for the discussion, supplemented with written materials, must be allowed for comprehension and assimilation of the information about transplantation and the ramifications of donation. At least one seclusion room shall be provided in all hospitals licensed to provide a psychiatric program, a substance abuse program or both.



Food and Drug Administration unless the use has been approved by the facility’s pharmacy committee. Formal appointment for membership and granting of clinical privileges shall follow procedures set forth in the by-laws, rules or regulations of the medical staff. March 15, bcac Amended 10. The consultant dietitian shall provide, on site, no less than eight hours of service every two weeks to provide the nutritional aspects of patient care including but not limited to the following: December 1, ; Pursuant to G.

The original of microfilmed medical records shall not 13v destroyed until the medical records department has had an opportunity to review the processed film for content. January 1, ; Temporary Amendment Eff.

The social services director shall have authority to carry out provisions contained in Rule. The committee shall include but is not limited to:. Smoke dampers shall be failsafe to the emergency position. Attendance and subject matter covered shall be documented for each session and available for licensure inspections.

This may include, small for gestational age or large for gestational age neonates. The 100a shall complete a screening interview with the potential donor which confirms the donor’s age, height, weight, demographic information, medical and surgical history, medications, drug or alcohol history, smoking history, and a family or social history.

NC DHSR: Hospital and Ambulatory Surgical Facility Rules

This Rule does not apply to patients in licensed bcac facility beds since these individuals are granted rights pursuant to G. The facility shall maintain and make available a current listing of approved outpatient procedures. February 1, ; Amended Eff. The facility shall provide new employee orientation and continuing education programs for all employees to maintain the skills necessary for the performance of their duties and learn new developments in health care.


Such agreements shall provide for the transfer and admission of patients who no longer require the services of the hospital but do require nursing facility services. Hours of service by rehabilitation aides in performing nurse-aide duties in areas of the facility other than the 13 unit shall not be counted toward the 5.

Board of Pharmacy, a part-time director of pharmacy shall have responsibility for control and dispensing of drugs. Informed consent must be obtained prior to actual participation in such a program and the patient or legally responsible party, may, at any time, refuse to continue in any such program to which he has previously given informed consent. For 113b donor nephrectomy patients, there shall be continuous physician coverage available for patient evaluation as needed.

The facility or unit shall sign an agreement Memorandum of Understanding with the Department specifying these terms. The design shall consider types and numbers of patients who might need this separation ncca the facility. Areas that do require positive and continuous control are noted with “Out” or “In” to indicate the required direction of air movement in relation to the space named. Chapter 90, Article 1 to practice medicine in North Carolina. 1a0 administrator shall make these policies and procedures known to the staff, patients and residents, and families of patients and residents and shall ensure their availability to the public by nccac them in a conspicuous place.