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GENERAL MOTORS, GM, the GM Emblem,. CHEVROLET, the CHEVROLET Emblem, and the names TRAILBLAZER and EXT are registered trademarks of. Chevrolet Trailblazer Owners Manual on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Chevrolet Trailblazer Owners Manual Chevy Chevrolet Blazer Owners Manual book download. Download Chevy Chevrolet.

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Air will flow through the instrument panel outlets.

The radio will produce one beep and display ALL with the level display in the middle position. Why Safety Belts Work When you ride in or on anything, you go as fast as it goes. If you do, parts on your vehicle can break, and it traipblazer change the way your vehicle handles. Right Front Passenger Position The best way to protect the fetus is to protect the mother. The DIC does not replace the need to maintain your vehicle as recommended in the Maintenance Schedule in this manual.

To enhance your ownership experience, we and our participating dealers are proud to offer Courtesy Transportation, a customer support program for new vehicles.

These features will only work when the RDS information is available.

Chevrolet Trailblazer Owners Manual –

This message is displayed when the radio has not been calibrated properly for the vehicle. Exit Lighting Exit Lighting With exit lighting, the interior lamps will come on when you remove the key from the ignition to help you see while exiting the vehicle. Driving Uphill Once you decide you can safely drive up the hill, you need to take some special steps. When a new vehicle is delivered, the dealer provides the owner with a pair of identical keys and a key code number.

You can control the volume of the OnStar System using either the volume control knob on the radio or using the steering wheel volume control if equipped. Exterior Lamp Controls B. Traction Assist System tas Remember: Will I be able to maintain vehicle control?


Remove the two screws from the lamp assembly.

After rinsing thoroughly, dry with a soft clean towel. Recirculation cannot be used in floor, blend or defrost modes. Additional windshield breakage may also occur from the right front passenger air bag.

Cleaning Aluminum Wheels Keep your wheels clean using a soft clean cloth with mild soap and water. In cold weather, water can freeze and crack the engine, radiator, heater core and other parts. Jump Starting If your battery has run down, you may want to use another vehicle and some jumper cables to start your vehicle.

Tire Inspection and Rotation Tires should be rotated every 6, to 8, miles 10 to 13 km. Storage Compartments Glove Box To open your glove box, pull the handle on the front of the glove box and trailhlazer the door. Page Setting Preset Stations The six numbered pushbuttons let you return to your favorite stations. Be sure that the belt is not twisted and it lies flat.

Turn and Lane Change Signals The turn signal has two upward for right and two downward for left positions. Controlling your vehicle is the key to successful road driving. The TRAF icon will flash on the display when seeking for a station that supports traffic interrupt. For it to work, a top strap must be properly anchored to the vehicle.

A hill that can be driven straight up or down may be too steep to drive across. This greatly reduces the chance of fires caused by electrical problems. Hold the tape with the open end down and try to turn the right hub counterclockwise with a pencil. The services shown atmiles km should be performed at the same interval aftermiles km.

Any time you notice unusual wear, rotate your tires as soon as possible and check wheel alignment. To make the lap part tight, pull down on the buckle The lap part of the belt should be worn low and snug on end of the belt as you pull up on the shoulder belt.


In a real vehicle, it could be the windshield Tilt Chhevy You rrailblazer adjust the steering wheel before you drive. Never put a rear facing child restraint in this seat. Windshield Washer Windshield Washer There is a paddle marked with the windshield washer lwners at the top of the multifunction lever. To unlatch the belt, just push the button on the buckle. Sprays containing silicones or waxes may cause annoying reflections in the windshield and even make it difficult to see through ownrrs windshield under certain conditions.

Be sure to read about the particular systems supplied with your vehicle. It depends on how you plan to use your rig. Page Front Rear A. This light should come on briefly when you turn the ignition key to RUN. Freeway Driving Mile for mile, freeways also called thruways, parkways, expressways, turnpikes or superhighways are the safest of all roads.

Chevrolet 2002 TrailBlazer Owner’s Manual

When To Add Engine Oil Turn off the engine and give the oil several minutes to drain back into the oil pan. Rear Seats Your vehicle has a folding rear seat which lets you fold the seatbacks down for more cargo space.

If you get gasoline on yourself and then something ignites it, you could be badly burned. You will get the most enjoyment out of it if you acquaint yourself with it first. Stop after high speed driving.