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The company has grown since then to more than employees today. Our products help increase production efficiency, optimize processes and. The microDICE™ laser micromachining system leverages TLS-Dicing™.

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This especially applies to the excimer and ultra-short pulse laser systems, as well as the roll-to-roll laser machining of flexible substrates. Extremely precise positioning systems, innovative beam-delivery concepts as well as numerous process monitoring methods offer the highest possible process reliability and a maximum speed of machining. Those properties should be unchanged after cutting. Our target is to completely satisfy customer demands even on the most complex projects.

This has created a greater need for methods of processing surface layers of the device without affecting buried structures, as micro,ac as selective exposure of functional areas on the device. Its high throughput, outstanding edge quality and mm wafer capable micromaac enables a true high-volume production process, especially for SiC-based devices. Some of the technologies are being researched in cooperation with cooperation partners from the partner cluster in Yonezawa, Japan.

We support our customers across the entire product life cycle, from process development and selection of a suitable machine design to commissioning and comprehensive servicing. This should lead to an increased lifetime of the solar modules. For the past 16 years, the name 3D-Micromac AG stands for highest quality and satisfied customers.

Production Solutions for Innovators and Growth Markets. Target of this project is to explore and to develop new diagnostic tools and advanced methods for material characterization, defect localization, efficient sample preparation, physical failure analysis techniques and workflows to enable reliable advanced micro-systems based on Micrpmac, SiP, and 3D technologies for European core applications.

Laser Micromachining – 3D-Micromac AG

Microdiagnostics and Failure Mucromac. Our technologies have set international standards for true innovation. At the same time, traditional scaling of feature sizes in microelectronics is becoming increasingly cost prohibitive in order to add more functionality on devices within a smaller footprint. Setting Worldwide Standards in Laser Micromachining. We Optimize your Processes!

Therefore TLS is a promising approach as TLS dicing works without remove of material and create microkac smooth cut nearly without deterioration. Our team of experts develop processes, machinery and complete systems at the highest technical and technological level.


3D-Micromac – Our Headquarter in Chemnitz, Germany

This immensely helps to reduce ramp-up times in production. Cost, quality and throughput are major factors in achieving successful manufacturing in the semiconductor industry. Our micronac is to provide superb customer satisfaction even for the most complex projects. This project has received funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and D3 under grant agreement no [16ES].

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The on-the-fly processing guarantees highest productivity and an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Whether Standard System or Special Solution: We Optimize your Processes!

We are one of the first companies in the world to focus on the use of ultra-short pulse lasers for the processing of materials. Microstructure diagnostics and failure analyses are pivotal for the ongoing improvement of functional materials and sophisticated electronic components. This results in up to 15X lower cost of ownership over the entire life-time of the dicing system. A main aspect in technological developments for photovoltaics is the reduction of cost per power mixromac the solar panel.

For the production in the roll-to-roll process, the winding processes of the thin glass substrate must first be integrated to the coating unit. We focus on laser micromachining of virtually any material using short-pulse and ultra-short pulse lasers as well as short wave lasers UV.

These platforms are open to multiple users and for multiple applications. As micromav result of the project, demonstrators are being developed that illustrate the power of the technology.

The four major European semiconductor and system suppliers Infineon, STMicroelectronics, Bosch and Thales will collaborate with eleven equipment and analytical method suppliers from Germany and France. It is only because of our laser processes that efficient series production of new and innovative components and products are made possible.

As the first stand-alone, ultrashort pulsed laser-based tool for sample preparation, the microPREP systems bring additional unique capabilities, such micromqc enabling large-area and 3D-shape sampling to allow for more comprehensive testing of complex structures.


The project will also support European analytical equipment providers, many of them SME, to explore new market opportunities, design new equipment, and to align their developments to future needs of new system integration technologies.

Winner of the Saxon Innovation Prize The different processing methods that are realized with our laser systems include micro drilling, signing, cutting, 2D and 3D structuring, welding as well as marking of different materials and thin films. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The micromaf systems an be used for a variety of sample preparation techniques like SEM inspection of advanced-packaging devices, X-ray microscopy, atom probe tomography, and micro mechanics.

From the founding of our company until today we have constantly been able to achieve important milestones:. Furthermore a technology for cutting solar cells is especially interesting for national producers of special solar modules who can use it for the production of special formed modules.

The company has grown since then to more than employees today.

We develop processes, machines and turnkey solutions at the highest technical and technological level. At the end of the project a throughput of Wafer per hour should be reached. In addition work will directed to efficient protective coatings for the OLEDs as well as micromad transparent electrical contacts which give 3f value to the lighting market. The constant cost pressure in the photovoltaic industry as a continues challenge to solar cell manufacturers can only be solved by increasing cell efficiency with simultaneous reducing manufacturing costs.

As a further 3s, laser cutting and structuring processes are developed for substrate separation and interconnection. The system features a line scan option for vertical selective annealing and a step-and-repeat spot option for horizontal selective annealing, as well as three optional wavelength lasers near infrared, green and ultravioletresulting in a highly flexible, high-quality laser annealing platform. Wir verwenden Cookies, um Inhalte und Anzeigen zu personalisieren und die Zugriffe auf unsere Website zu analysieren.