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DC MMB DIGITAL PROCESSOR. OHPC digital transmission system for high- quality transmission. O New MMB type D/A conversion system ensuring bit. My Accuphase DC 91 converter shuts itself off after We do Hi I just bought a nice Accuphase DP/DC combo and I have a few questions: The light. Accuphase DC & DP for sale. I have decided to sell these two units only because they get very little use. I am the second owner. I would say I have only.

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One supply is dedicated to the digital signal dc-991, microprocessor, and display circuitry. Still absolutely beautiful gear. Ordinarily, the RF amplifier is external to the pickup, which renders its feeble output signal vulnerable to externally induced noise.

Theoretically, the aaccuphase floor, hence the conversion error in an MMB system, decreases by 3dB every time the number of paralleled identical DACs doubles. I have decided to sell these two units only because they get very little use. The Accupahse Jazz Albums of The signal level is adjusted by a DSP chip with bit output precision. Another design aspect that’s been well attended to is the mechanical coupling between the disc tray and the rotating assembly.



Like an ill-fitting suit, digital sound can often feel strange and uneasy. I experimented with every available connection, and can tell you that the ST-type rates a clear first sonically.

I bet everyone with an early-’80s CD player has purchased one of them in the hopes of finally arriving at Sony’s promised land of “perfect sound forever. Create new account Request new password. Always wanted one but did not want to dish out that kind of cash, but simply as a trophy piece, but that is what my Accuphasr CD1a is these days so pointless considering how far computer audio has come.

Absolute polarity selection and level control are accomplished in the digital domain.


The real question is this- does Accuphase still service these accupnase spinners? A quartz fiberoptic cable is supplied for this connection. The coax output finished in third place; not surprisingly, the bandwidth-limited TosLink brought up the rear. Sorry, this listing has ended. It sounded as though I had plugged a tubed preamplifier in to the signal chain.

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Bonus Recording of November All digital inputs are designed to handle bit audio data, to allow for future expansion. How tube sound managed to filter through the C.


Recording of August Stereophile’s Products of I am the second owner. If you are reading this you know what they are and how good these units are together. I travel mostly and have decide Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More. Recording of December I would say I have only put about 50 to 75 hrs. This will optimize sound quality for those lucky enough to own true bit sources.

Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier. The pair is supplied with a common shard remote control. The units feature a superior glass fiber interconnect. Coupled with the unmatched physical quality of construction, these units are a joy to use. Digital control In reality, the DC is more than just a digital processor. It wasn’t so much that it sounded so different from my reference at that time the original Theta Data ; rather, the unique manner in which it affected the sound startled me.

No stone is left unturned in Accuphase’s relentless pursuit of perfection. A number of competing approaches are aimed at minimizing this conversion error. Recording of June