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aaditya hrudayam puNyam sarva shatru vinaashanam jayaavaham japennityam akshayam paramam shivam || 4 ||| sarvamangala maangalyam sarva papa. Aditya Hridaya Stotram (also known as Aditya Hridayam or Aditya Hrudayam) is a hymn associated with Aditya (Lord Surya, the Sun God) and was recited b. (Aditya Hrudayam) A Hymn to Sun God. Aditya Hrudayam punyam Sarva satru Vinasanam | Jayavaham Japet .. Patanjali Yoga-Sutras Sanskrit English.

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Salutations to Him, Who is the color of molten gold and the form of fire, one who burns all, dispeller of darkness, adorable from all and Salutations to Vishvakarma the architect of the universe, the cause of all activity and creation in the world, yet beyond englis world. One must get up in the early morning and offer oblations to Sun God. He is afitya lord of the constellations, stars and planets and the origin of everything in the universe.

Ādityahṛdayam – Wikipedia

Log in Connect with: Nirvana shatakam Atma Shatkam [mantra]. Surya Bhagavan sits on this Chariot of Chandas and travel on the space. Rama facing Ravana with the greater spirit who was coming to fight with engoish all effort determined to kill Ravana. Then, Lord Surya, positioned in the middle of the group of gods in the sky, looked delightedly at Rama.

Salutations to the Lord of sunrise and sunset, who rises at the eastern mountains and sets in the western mountains. Valmiki proves his excellence as a poet when he asitya the chapter thus: Upon chanting this hymn thrice unto Lord Aditya with complete devotion, you shall attain victory. This holy hymn dedicated to the Sun-God will result in destroying all enemies and bring you victory and permanent happiness. This planet grants pleasures and liberation to all living beings.


The moon has originated from this ray. He is the Lord of all action in this universe and decides the Universal path.

In the mean while no shadow should befall on it. He is the embodiment of all divinities Sarva Devatmakah such as Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Skanda, the eight guardians of the world, and so on. Salutations to the dispeller of the darkness ignorance and cold snowwho is fearful to bad people, Salutations also to the annihilator of the ungrateful and to the Lord of all the stellar bodies, who is the first amongst all the lights of the Universe. He causes heavy rains and is the friend of the waters a poetic way of describing the rain cycleand is the source of all that is in this world.

It is then that Sage Agastya appeared to him and taught him the perennial secret through which all foes are conquered, not only the external foes but the internal as well. One can understand how important is Sun worship when remembering that the Lord Hrivayam himself was taught the Aditya Hridaya Stotram by the great sage Agastya in a critical moment.

He looked at the sun, with happiness, and chanting the hymn thrice, lifted his bow. He provides heat and rains successively and is the form of all activities in this world and their fruits. Also one should observe Celibacy on Sunday. In this treatment the application of blue colour cures fever, dysentry, adktya, blood motions.


He who has fire within himself. He has the skies as his pathway and he is always on the move referring to the revolution of the Sun around the Galactic center.


Lord of thousand rays, son of Aditi, Salutations to you, the bestower of victory, auspiciousness, and prosperity, Salutations to the one who has colored horses to carry him. It is a guarantee of complete prosperity. A detailed reading of the Stotram by the reader may reveal even more insightful information. With the grace of Gods he encourages Rama with his meditation power. With composed mind, he retained this hymn in his memory, ready to chant the Aditya-Hridayam.

Salutation to Him who is the inspiration to Trimurtis Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha and inspiration to all creatures, salutation enylish who is fierce like Rudra at the end of the creation.

Thus one should worship the rising Sun of divine rays who is hailed as the brilliant Lord of the universe by all devas and asuras, by all man and gods. Worship the sun-god, the ruler of the worlds and lord of the universe, who is crowned with effulgent rays, who appears at the horizon and brings light, who is revered by the denizens of heaven devas and asuras alike Hindi hrdayam