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Editions. The Swimming-Pool Library . Alan Hollinghurst · Paperback · Ebook. View more editions. Buy from Buy from – arrow icon. Buy The Swimming-Pool Library (Vintage Classics) by Alan Hollinghurst (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. The Swimming-Pool Library [Alan Hollinghurst, Samuel West] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A literary sensation and bestseller in both.

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This is a beautiful twist. Hollinghurst’s large flat, spread over three floors, overlooks the southern edge of Hampstead Heath. Great writing but it felt a bit half-baked at times.

The Swimming-Pool Library by Alan Hollinghurst

But his ironies would be empty without the delicious observational details — I very much wanted to fuck his big, muscly bum — and several times dropped behind a step or two to see it working as he walked which make listening or reading to him such a joy.

In fairness to the author, the book’s title strongly suggests that this is supposed to be a not entirely flattering portrayal of the superficiality of a certain type of urban, physical beauty-obsessed gay scene. James is a hard-working doctor who is insecure and sexually frustrated as a gay man.

And then you lobrary this fucking salad!

This had nothing to do with Hollinghurst’s writing which, it should be obvious by ppool, I love and everything to do with the narrator.

Paperbackpages. Despite his physique, Phil is shy and a sexual novice. I’m so happy that Hollinghurst has two more novels that I have yet to read. This is a novel of paramount importance: Section 28 was passed in England inbut was proposed, debated, protested, and hotly contested all through the mid librry. Will agrees to shelter Arthur. I definitely don’t think that Hollinghurst was very critical of Will in the text–at least not in an overly visible or emphatic way. Amazing how he does it. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards.


Gay men can have shallow and problematic ideas about what it means to be homosexual, and Mark calling attention to the apparent poor sqimming of gay men Hollinghurst has does not in any way imply that Hollinghurst is straight. View all 6 comments. His novel takes up the idea in asides: Reams and reams of pretty graphic sex but it works because it’s not floridly described and because it’s crucial to the theme – the tension between the hedonistic life – cruising, endless meaningless shags, generally not working our hero Will has come into lots of moneyand commitment to work, ideals, friends.

The politician is William’s grandfather; now the Viscount Beckwith. I thought it would be a two-part thing: It makes sense how it happens in places that are mostly occupied by gay people.

Not knowing a hell of a lot about gay life or the gay community in Britain or anywhere else or British fiction, I feel this is something I wsimming really comment on. His first four books, written over a span of almost 20 years, form a quartet that pook gay life in the UK, present and past.

He experiences feelings of desperate arousal, fear and revulsion and flees. And I rather beat myself up about this, before facing up to the fact that actually I was writing a and-something page book and just have to live with it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Swimming-Pool Library

The theme of natural love and sexuality destroyed by elite oppression is very powerful. My reaction to the world of over-monied, over-sexed, hypocritical shiftlessness of the main character varied from a sort of morbid fascination to complete revulsion, bringing out in me a puritanical streak I didn’t even know I had. The theme is soft-core homo-erotica.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. It is something that perhaps you are born with, I don’t know, or that you have to absorb and acquire in the nursery. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Rupert has been told to watch out for Arthur; he reports that he has seen him with his brother Harold.


He was never a writer of manifestos, but his early novels were to some extent conscious efforts to bring gay writing and gay life into the mainstream. Charles ruminates on the sense of devotion that homosexuality can foster between men and how that devotion aids duty and right action.

Whilst cruising a young man in a London park, Will enters a public toilet to find a group of older men cottaging. The characters are one dimensional dullards. While they’re waiting, Will and Rupert look a photo album hollinfhurst photos of a young Will and members of his family.

I have very little time for this attitude, and probably not much to add to the debate, but just one swwimming – maybe empathising with the protagonist is a plus, but also, isn’t it a test of empathy to ask you to empathise with a character who has so many faults? The novel is exquisite, very smartly titled Swimming-pool implies the superficial aspect of the gay scene, Library implies all that is intelligent and witty: Just such a town is the setting for one section of The Librry Child; there is even a bank and a bank manager, who is married to Daphne’s libeary and has been psychologically damaged by the second world war.

I don’t like to listen to bad style. Kinda weird, but it definitely fit the character. I feel like I have nothing to say about this book.