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Sword Art Online 刀劍神域 (15) Alicization invading (Chinese Edition) [Kawahara Reki] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online Alicization Invading (Sword Art Online Light Novel, #15 Continuation of the Alicization story arc following Kirito’s adventures within the. Sword Art Online 15 has ratings and 12 reviews. Continuation of the Alicization story arc following Kirito’s adventures within the soul translator, a.

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Dylan rated it liked it Dec 24, Gabriel is possibly the most genuinely evil antagonist SAO has seen to date. That thing in the dark territory was amazing!

La saga acaba inading de tres libros y yo no voy a tener paz hasta que la termine. This is the best book out of the whole SAO series.

Sword Art Online 15: Alicization Invading

When Seijirou concluded that sinking the Ocean Turtle was not the intention of the invaders, he prompted Higa Takeru for ideas on their identity. Using one swing with the Night Sky Swordshe chopped down the tree that would have taken the normal workers numerous days to fell. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Pablo rated it liked it May 18, David rated it really liked it Dec 17, This article is missing some information. Alice spent the entirety of the following day writing letters to Selka and Garitta, apologizing and saying goodbye.

Kindle version cover needs to be added. Because Eldrie had learned of her cabin, she could no longer stay there as she feared that Bercouli, whom she could not refuse, would come in Eldrie’s place to persuade her to help the Defense Army.

I was already impressed when Kirito faced permanent brain damage after the attack in Volume 9, but threatening Kirito’s life and actually following through with the threat gained the author a lot of respect from me.

Lo sorprendente fue que no todos los habitantes del Dark Territorio son malos, si no que hay muchos que desean paz o tienen una gran integridad. If Sorachi-sensei is good at attacking the readers by revealing each character’s unimaginable past, and Narita-sensei is good at twisting normal story into a roller coaster ride by using a lot of short flashbacks, then Kunori-sensei’s strong point is how he keeps the readers hanging to look ijvading to each character’s future.


This article or section contains details about plotlines not covered in the anime.

Sword Art Online Light Novels 1 – 10 of 20 books. Sword Art Online Light Novels JeDDy rated it did not like it Nov 17, Bercouli then gathered the other Integrity Knights and explained to them about Administrator Quinella ‘s plan to turn humans into sword golems, as well as her defeat, leaving out only the information about how the Integrity Knights were created.

Want to Read saving…. As the team worked on resolving the issue, Gabriel reflected on his plan to steal the light cube of Alice, the invwding true bottom-up Artificial Intelligenceas well as the Soul Translator technology as commissioned, yet take possession of it for himself while abandoning his team.

Continuing the thought of fate guiding him to Alice, Eldrie requested her to return to the Invwding of Integrity Knights and fight alongside the Human Empire Defense Army.

Allen Park rated it really liked it Oct 28, Upon learning that the men were under orders from the guard chief, Alice proclaimed that she was an Integrity Knight, as she tore her overcoat to reveal her armor, in order to revoke the guard chief’s order and have the villagers flee. This just left me wondering, “How will he end this series?

No voy a hacer review de esta saga. As Alicizationn volunteered to log into the Underworld, Takeru and Seijirou explained that Underworld was in an unstable state due to an impending invasion of the Human Empire from the Dark Territory, while the capabilities of the human forces were at question due to the damage the Axiom Church had endured.

Retrieved from ” http: Gabriel’s friend and neighbor, Alicia Klingerman, was the subject of his thoughts on the soul as well. One can’t just get enough of this. As Alice was likely still with Kirito, while Asuna had the most experience with virtual worlds of them, Takeru agreed that she would be the best person to send into Underworld. Other books in the series. As Alice refused, the angered Eldrie blamed Kirito for this decision.


You can help by adopting it and adding the missing information. Books by Reki Kawahara.

Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 15

alicizqtion However, when she met with her father, Gasupht Zubergshe was told to leave instead. He also uses the pen name Kunori Fumio. Dec 16, Yan M Garcia rated it really liked it. His hobby is cycling.

ailcization Gabriel Marshall Rebello rated it liked it Jan 22, Meanwhile, inside the main control room beyond the pressure-resistant barrier doors sealing the Light Cube Cluster, Gabriel Miller halted a conflict between Vassago Casals and Critterforcing the team to focus on ideas to reach the cluster.

While the villagers were escaping, Alice summoned Amayori and had her attack with a heat ray, killing more than twenty goblins before the dragon returned to the sky. Compared to the harem of old, this is definitely something that Kawahara-san has improved on over time. After a moment of such thoughts, Gabriel enquired on Critter’s progress, only to learn that nothing could be done aside from taking a peek into the world.

Since Alice did not invaeing the funds to rent an inn nor the desire to exert her authority as an Integrity Knight, she decided to travel to Rulid Villagehoping that the villagers would welcome them. MsMadness rated it it was ok Dec 18, After Koujiro Rinko consoled Asuna, relieving alicizayion tension in the room, Lieutenant Nakanishi reported on the several injuries and the damage to the hull.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Sword Art Online Alicization Invading by Reki Kawahara

At the end of the fourth Bullet of Bullets tournament in Gun Gale Onlineonly two players remained: Lists with This Book. That makes the book feel a lot more like a filler rather than progressing story. My only wish is that they could speed up alicizwtion release schedule.