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Apesar de Alouatta guariba clamitans apresentar ampla distribuição na Mata Atlântica, do rio Doce (ES) ao rio Camaquã (RS) e a oeste até o norte da Argentina. The social group of the brown howler monkey, Alouatta guariba clamitans Cabrera, is typically small (2–12 individuals), with one or two adult males, and. Adult females are covered in dark brown or reddish brown hair. A latitudinal color gradient occurs in the subspecies Alouatta guariba clamitans. Males tend to be.

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They spend most of their time in the upper canopy, and monkeys often travel to find seasonally available food like fruit. The brown howler is alouatya rarest primate species in Argentina, restricted to east-central Misiones province Holzmann et al. Secretaria do Verde e do Meio Ambiente.

Brown howler monkeys use high-amplitude calls to minimize predation, control access to resources, and for mating. Rio Grande do Sul e Santa Catarina: Howlers are potential reservoirs aluoatta human disease such as yellow fever and giardia.

The arboviruses epidemiology and ecology. The Animal Diversity Web is an educational resource written largely by and for college students.

In other words, Central and South America.

ADW: Alouatta guariba: INFORMATION

For more details about methods for metapopulation input parameters in Vortex see Lacy et al. Population biology of infectious diseases. Yellow fever ecology in Brazil. For the sensitivity analysis, shorter and extremely longer intervals were tested, 14 and years, respectively.

Brown howlers are guatiba known to host a number of ectoparasitic arthropods including mites, ticksand lice Kowalewski and Gillespie, ; Martins, For example, they often make loud vocalizations that alert group members of approaching predators.


The geographical distribution of immunity to yellow fever among the primates of Brazil. The sensitivity analysis showed that the frequency and impact of outbreaks is strongly affected by the encounter rate Fig.

Open in a separate window. Males tend to alouatt more red in the south and less red in the north, whereas females range from lighter brown in the south to darker alouattta in the north. Genetic divergence and dispersal of yellow fever virus in Brazil: Survey of Alouatta caraya, the black-and-gold howler monkey, and Alouatta guariba clamitans, the brown howler monkey, in a contact zone, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Dental disorders in brown howler monkeys (Alouatta guariba clamitans) maintained in captivity.

Population description – Number of populations – For the purpose of the baseline model one population was considered, but in reality, is composed of several smaller fragmented populations with unknown connectivity among them see Metapopulation simulation. Their folivorous diet may account for the ability to breed year-round, as mature leaves are available throughout the year and provide a relatively stable source of aloustta.

American Journal of Primatology Brown howlers employ a variety of behavioral tactics in order to evade potential predators.

A Primatologia no Brasil – 3.

Southern brown howler – Wikipedia

They have relatively large, stocky frames with pelage that varies in color from brown to dark red or black. Chiarello, b ; da Cunha and Jalles-Filho, Rubbing behavior in brown howlers serves a variety of functions. Carrying capacity K – Because we did not find a quantitative estimation of K specific for Alouatta sp.


Chromosomal variation in Alouatta fusca. Maximum number of offspring per year – Mortality rates – According to Strier et al.

Inbreeding depression in the wild. Novel coupling of individual-based epidemiological and demographic models predicts realistic dynamics of tuberculosis in alien buffalo.

Southern brown howler

Neotropical Primates, 14 3: Brown howlers inhabit lowland, submontane and montane forests as well as inland semideciduous seasonal forests. Neotropical Primates 14 2: House-to-house human movement drives dengue virus transmission. Primates49 1: Second, we selected as the infectious period the time it takes for an infected mosquito to transmit the disease Forattini Metamodels as a tool for risk assessment.

Social structure of Alouatta guariba clamitans: Despite this, habitat fragmentation due to deforestation and development in south-eastern Brazil and north-eastern Argentina is the major factors impeding the persistence of this species. Immobility and silence are also used as antipredatory tactics.

claitans Brown howlers are year-round breeders. Instituto Estadual de Florestas. Louis encephalitis viruses in French Guiana. Females reach adulthood at approximately 3. For this specific analysis, YF was set as a potential catastrophe Crockett and an inter-epidemic interval of 15 years on average for Argentina Di Bitetti et al.

In general, the sensitivity of a given model input parameter measures the proportional change in a given output parameter e. Animal Biodiversity and Conservation32 1: