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“An Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism”. Alvin Plantinga · Logos. Anales Del Seminario de Metafísica [Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España]. Alvin Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism (EAAN) begins with the following simple idea: the evolutionary process of natural selection selects. In his recently published two-volume work in epistemology,1 Alvin Plantinga . probabilistic argument against naturalism – and for traditional theism” (p).

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I doubt the existence of anything outside my own head. Perhaps Paul very much likes the idea of being eaten, but when he sees a tiger, always runs off looking for a better prospect, because he thinks it unlikely the tiger he sees will eat him. Title First Published 22 March They assessed Plantinga’s main argument which asserts that since the reliability of evolutionary naturalism is low or of inscrutable value, those believing it should withhold assent from its reliability, and thus withhold assent from anything else they believe including evolutionary naturalism, which is therefore self-defeating.

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“An Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism&quot

He said that materialists offer two theories for this question: But then with me the horrid doubt always arises whether the convictions of man’s mind, which has been developed from the mind of the lower animals, are of any value or at all trustworthy.

In the publication Knowledge of God Plantinga presented a formulation of the argument that solely focused on semantic epiphenomenalism instead of the former four jointly exhaustive evoluyionary.

As far as a likeness of the divine nature is concerned, rational creatures seem somehow to attain a representation of [that] type in virtue of imitating God not only in this, that he is and lives, but especially in this, that he understands ST Ia Q. I have found this argument persuasive for many years now nearly seven.


Views Read Edit View history. Thomas Aquinas – unknown. Take Up and Read: Natural Theology and Naturalist Atheology: Plantinga, Alvin, Tooley, Michael Articles with short description.

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He noted that if content properties are reducible to NP properties, then they also supervene upon them. An Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism. A collection of essays entitled Naturalism Defeated? argumrnt

Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism

Plantinga construed evolutionary naturalism as the conjunction of the idea that human cognitive faculties arose through evolutionary mechanisms, and naturalism which he equated to atheism. I highly recommend its use with upper-level undergraduates through faculty.

David Reiter – – Journal alvln Philosophical Research Newsletters Comment Print this page. Moreover, the similarities give the book a great deal more cohesiveness than one would have expected to find in a collection of essays by againnst authors, especially given the variety of interesting issues raised by Plantinga’s argument.

But that is trivially true. They concluded that Plantinga has drawn attention to unreliability of cognitive processes that is already taken into account by evolutionary scientists who accept that science is a fallible exercise, and appreciate the need to be as scrupulous as possible with the fallible cognitive processes available.

This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat Plantinga tried to throw doubt on this conjunction with a preliminary argument that the conjunction is probably false, and a main argument that it is self-defeating, if you believe it you should stop believing it.

Naturalism Defeated?, Essays on Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism

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According to the first, content supervenes upon NP properties; according to the second, content is reducible to NP properties. I’m familiar with a good deal of Plantinga’s published work and I’ve watched him present this argument at least a dozen times alvkn youtube and once in personand I don’t recall ever hearing this objection raised.


Evolutionary argument against naturalism – Wikipedia

The idea that “naturalism” undercuts its own justification was put forward by Arthur Evloutionary. They considered his sentiment that high probability is required for rational belief to be repudiated by philosophical lessons such as the lottery paradoxand that each step in his argument requires principles different from those he had described. Beilby, editor of the volume, Plantinga’s proposition “raises issues of interest to epistemologists, philosophers of mind, evolutionary biologists, and philosophers of religion”.

Supposing there was no intelligence behind the universe, no creative mind. Plantinga thought that we have something of an idea as to the history of NP properties: The question then is according to Plantinga: In theory, wgainst Cartesian skeptic could be a solipsist who regards himself as merely making philosophical arguments in his head for his own entertainment.

They found this unconvincing, having already disputed his argument that the reliability is low. There are rebutting defeaters and there are undercutting defeaters.

What does matter is that at a certain level of complexity of neural structures, content appears. How should we understand this? Pennockeditor, Wesley Arguemnt contended that Plantinga’s argument applied only to Cartesian philosophies of mind but not to pragmatist philosophies of mind.

The Cultures of Creationism. Omar Mirza – – Philosophical Studies 2: