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Amanda Hocking (Goodreads Author). · Rating details · 84, ratings · 6, reviews. Switched – the first book in the Trylle Trilogy When Wendy Everly . Trylle Trilogy is a young adult paranormal series by American author Amanda Hocking. The trilogy follows the story of Wendy Everly, a year-old girl who. AMANDA HOCKING is The New York Times bestselling author of the Trylle trilogy and a lifelong Minnesotan. After selling more than a million copies of her.

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Ok, it ain’t Pullitzer prize material but it’s fun and light and I would definitely recommend it to those who, like me, read just before going to sleep and want to relax their minds.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This is also when Twilight yocking super popular and there was this surge of Paranormal YA. There’re a lot of description about designer gowns and fancy balls triligy not enough of world-building to make the Trylle’s supernatural world outstanding. This time it’s actually about the changeling itself, which was nice and was brought back to the world that they are actually fr Originally read: It was a nice difference to relate to other YA’s and it made the story of the book more interesting and the outcome less predictable – the books overall were amazing [even though I might have changed some hoc,ing Wendy’s sluttiness: Review for this book is below the PSA.

I’m not saying we’d be best friends in my opinion, she’s a bit of an airhead sometimesbut I understand her.

Trylle Series

Considering it is self published it is even good. My friends who have already read this series told me that it’s going to get better in the next installments, so we’ll see. Anyway, I understand it as I’ve read further, because the author eventually explained it through her characters that trolls don’t really look mystical but instead, they look human.

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With the help of Finn, a Trylle tracker, Wendy arrives at the home of the Trylle – and her real mother, the Queen of the Trylle. But nevertheless I did still enjoy this book, or books, series, and I will likely read Frostfire which is sitting on my shelf.

Trylle Trilogy Boxed Set by Amanda Hocking

I mean I don’t want to be a hypocrite since I don’t like super extensive description either and that definitely annoys me more, but I feel some parts of this book kind of weren’t written trjlle, if that makes sense, like the ending of the third book especially I waited until after my exams to read it but it kind of just went by very fast and seemed short and fleeting.

If you are ready for an eye-twitching, hair-ripping, and prolonged- screeching- in- agony- and- frustration -of -such -stupid -characters-experience, then have fun You’re maybe upset for about a day or two before you forget all about the family that loved and cared for your ungrateful little ass. This book series is amazing!!!

She’s sympathetic and kind. On the day our story begins, Wendy decides to ask him why he stares.

Trylle Trilogy

I finished this awhile ago and am quite hockong I decided to do so. If she doesn’t surrender to the Vittra, her people will be thrust into a brutal war against an unbeatable foe. In fact, there isn’t a whole lot of “show” in the book at all. Their children were prone to starvation and medical problems, and they did not have an adequate educational system.

Why are you staring at me? He were switched at birth because of a changeling; Wendy. I featured Frostfire, Hocking’s upcoming novel, on my blog a few weeks ago. I’m looking on it.


Wendy knew her life would never be the same. Finn is of the following: I also think the story is moving too quickly for my liking. Looking for beautiful books? The world was creative, but the story and characters didn’t offer much. Some things that didn’t annoy me the first time did in this re-read and in some instances the world building had me shaking my head.

It’s geared towards young adult readers but they are all still very good reads! It probably helped too that this gave me those little short in between stories with Loki though. Not my cup of tea.

I will be looking for her work in a few years time. The Marksinna hofking usually the ones with all the abilities. Tryple only the beginning of the story, and I already found myself running into troubles with the characters, plot development and the setting of the story.

But I made the argument to myself that most people do. But for a self-published book? View all 4 comments. I had lived my whole stupid life without him, and now I could barely make it through the hour. She has grown up thinking she’s evil because her mother hates her, calls her a mother and at six years old, tried to kill her.

I downloaded Amanda Hocking’s books in part due to her self publishing sucess story, and the. And the chapters aren’t even that long. Takes out red pen.