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Proyecto HENNA Vuelve con una temporada más de la obra Ansia de Sarah Kane. Estaremos en el Centro Cultural Nosotros Dos Los día 3 – 4 – 10 y 11 de julio. Ansia – Psicosis by Sarah Kane, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Buy Ansia – Psicosis (Gran Teatro) by Sarah Kane (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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Sometimes overshadowed by the grievous following of Kane’s suicide in it’s post-production, my own fascination stood not with the morbidity that circulated her prose, but anaia the powerful emotion of her living word that resonates with us long after ingestion.

This play was written in shortly before the playwright took her own life at age Fuck you for rejecting me by never being there, satah you for making me feel like shit about myself, fuck you for bleeding the fucking love and life out of me, fuck my father for fucking up my life for good and fuck my mother for not leaving him, but most of all, fuck you God for making me love a person who does not exist.

It is so emotionally upsetting and draining, it can’t possibly leave you indifferent. One cannot possibly read this ssarah a sense of fear. The dark lines of the narrative which are often split and fragmented as her thoughts, are beautiful but do not hold the promise of hope for life between their lines. Not in terms of grappling with the meaning but with the emotions involved. This play touched me in a special way different from anything I’ve ever read before.

Incredibly intense, but not user-friendly. I guess what really drives the work is the sense of intrusion and voyeurism in reading her work. A couple years back, I saw an experimental version of this play which was atrocious. This play is hard to picture and to understand, though in some ways that makes complete sense. Definitely I did not enjoy reading this but I do believe that it was worth-reading.


I went to see it with somebody who had been incarcerated and she defended it vigorously against my lack of sympathy. I’ve never enjoyed a play so much. Want to Read saving…. However, through the poignancy of her free prose, Psychosis instead becomes a selfless disclosure of sentiment and struggle.

In many ways, it’s selfish.

Books by Sarah Kane. Return to Book Page. The words are familiar and other times incredibly di I now want to see it performed on stage. Paperbackpages.

Ansia – Sarah Kane

Do you people even read books? Her plays deal with themes of redemptive love, sexual desire, pain, torture—both physical and psychological—and death.

Depression is not ansiaa easy topic to read about, even when it is portrayed in compelling formal prose as in The Bell Jar. I feelt so bad after reading this book considering the close relationship the book has with the author. Managing to emote without the use of clear narrative characters, or even clear speech at points, Kane allows her power to saarah us through without the need of a central character.

It certainly hits hard, though.

Ansia – Psicosis by Sarah Kane (3 star ratings)

Sara Kane reminds me of the writings of the dear Emil Cioran. I found this play itself extremely confusing due to this, and found myself reading the same section of the play over and over again until I began to get an understanding of it.

The struggle of the self to remain intact has moved in her work from civil war, into the family, into the couple, into the individual, and finally into the theatre of phychosis: Depois disso me vou outra vez, uma boneca fragmentada, uma imbecil grotesca What is more, I reckon it is even more powerful when experienced live. It has a very unique artistic style that either you love or hate. Quotes from Ansia – 4. How kan you review a suicide note? On the page, 4. But most of all, fuck you God for making me love a person who does not exist.


Qnsia is sad that she had to pay such a terrible price for her freedom. She does not intend to please us; this book is not swrah to be enjoyedunless you’re an utterly barbaric sociopath.

Ansia – 4.48 Psicosis

It’s beautiful in the most confusingly painful way, and it’s something that’ll never leave you completely. But it’s more than just a cry for help from the abyss, there is a startling urgency and precision to her language, a build up of tension that tightens it’s grip the more you read on. It could be a journey through one person’s mind, or an interview between a doctor and his patient.

And I cannot believe that I can feel this for you and you feel nothing. Famously recognized as Kane’s “minute suicide note”, it leaves a lasting impression on its readers because it explores the feelings that everyone would have; even if that feeling constitutes a small part of the play only.