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A small lizard was running around the stone, busy with his secret life. I remember dad milking his cow. Dad had plenty of cats, chickens and a black cow. They organized New Year’s Eve party and I was invited.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Blogger — let’s call her A. Merry Christmas with Justino!

It’s time of olive harvest. I’m one of those good souls who never partied in the college.

mdllo He was never waiting around for happiness to come to him, lived moment to moment… Isn’t, the present all what we all have? I went to apologize. Autor Komiks Comic book. If I remember well she made poor B.

He was upset because he had a big row with I. It’s so easy, everyone can do it. In the early morning G.

That’s the way life is! Some doctrines says, that suffering is an illusion. We spend roughly a third of our lives asleep, that means a years of our lives pass us by unnoticed. And if I add that she’s got husband who is cutting vegetables and eating eat it’s clear that life couldn’t be any better! He was hiding her shoes which made I. The elderly couple was like a family to her. Hope this mobilization will save lovely Italy and it won’t be oil spill in off the coast of Capri.


The same said less known Baba Vanga. Coming back to S. For sure for him it was no better time than the present.

The lucid dreamers say they can fly or walk trough walls. The prisoner wasn’t sad at all and started revealing funny stories. Once you become conscious within a dream, you can interact with and direct it at will.

Thursday, December 31, Monte Carlo. There was something wrong happening there. The author of My Slow Nice Life lives in her dream house in the woods. My In-laws have a small plantation, we went anthon some times ago. Sometimes I saw him there cutting the grass or grabbing the hay.

It’s been 5 years that we repeat the same New Year’s Eve over and over again.

Gluten-free pancakes with strawberry jam… I must admit, that I envy Wiola forest view from her window and everyday walks in the woods. The public conception is against them. Sprawdzenie poczty minut codziennie. The life seems nothing but daily routine while Internet seems to have it all.


Spiew ptaka

I left alone olive picking and went for a walk. In all the regions of Southern Italy, committee of citizens are defending the land and the sea against the risk of extractions. The practice of lucid dreaming has been around for over years.

Faustyn wasn’t taking any money from the women. Listening to nature sounds makes her feel good. They explain book costs editing, cost of cover art, printing etc. I had a boyfriend in December Now oil companies are more than welcome to come and drill anywhere in the Mediterranean area.

Thursday, November 19, Como. She rented a room in Mr. I felt like I was with you in my dream. Szwejk egzystuje zadowolony podczas wojny. Pta,a day I spend about ,5 hour on the Internet. And if mellk wants money for what should be for free, think twice before dealing with him. I came out on the balcony.

Linki do tego posta Email This BlogThis! A priest went to give him last comfort. I’d like to drink and raise my voice and get a little out of line… But I won’t.