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Thomas Vaughan ( − 27 February ) was a Welsh philosopher and alchemist, who was paying attention to Vaughan as author, and established a reputation with his book Anthroposophia Theomagica, a magico-mystical work. Anthroposophia Theomagica: A Discourse of the Nature of Man and His State After Death [Thomas Vaughan, Eugenius Philalethes] on *FREE*. : Anthroposophia Theomagica: A Discourse of the Nature of Man and His State After Death (): Thomas Vaughan, Eugenius.

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Thence that substance of heat, indifferently distributed through the world, is held to contain within itself a vital strength.

Vaughan was the author of tracts published under the pseudonym Eugenius Philalethesas is now generally agreed. But my Peripatetics, following the principles of Aristotle and Ptolemy, have imagined so many wheels there, with their final diminutive epicycles, that they have turned that regular fabric to a rumbling, confused labyrinth.

As they move, so move the wheels of corruption and generation. Agrippa also, speaking of the apparitions of the dead, hath these words: This fire is the vestment of the Divine Majesty, His back-parts which He shewed to Moses ; but His naked, royal essence none can see and live. Besides this piece was composed in haste and in my days of mourning on the sad occurrence of a brother’s death. They that are ignorant in this point are not competent judges of life and death, but quacks and piss-pot doctors.

One will make him speak sense, another nonsense d a third both. I am now to speak of man as he is subject to a supernatural judgment ; and to be short my judgment is this: I expect not their thanks for this my advice or discovery ; but verily the time will come when this truth shall be more perfectly manifested, and especially that great and glorious mystery whereof there is little spoken in this book: I do not here maintain that ignis fatuus of purgatory, or any such painted, imaginary tophet ; but that which I speak of if I am not much mistaken I have a strong Scripture for.

The invisible, central moon is ” that well-watered and many fountained moist principle ” at whose top sit Jove and Juno in a throne of gold.

Hence it ‘is that his followers notwithstanding the assistance of so many ages can fetch nothing theoagica of him but notions ; and these indeed they use, as he saith Lycophron did his epithets, not as spices but as food. I am now come to the gross work or mechanics of the Spirit, namely, the separation of several substances from the same mass.


anthroposophia theomagica – the ethereal kiosk

I span the heaven and earth and things above, And which is more join natures with their love. The superior is masculine and eternal, the inferior feminine and mortal.

This is a consequence of as much reason as if I saw the Swede exercising and would find his designs in his postures. This is that Psyche of Apuleius, and the fire of Nature is her Cupid. Retrieved from ” https: And this exposition the apostle confirms in another place ” to them that are dead ” the dead were preached to, not the living. But to speak something of our common elemental water: Besides, the texture of the universe clearly discovers its animation.

I shall therefore request my friends the Peripatetics to return their fourth element to Aristotle, that he may present it to Alexander the Great as the first part of a new world, for there is no such thing in the old.

When mine shall blush as guilty of my sin, Then shall I live, being rescued in my fall, A text of mercy to Thy creatures all, Who having seen the worst of sins in me Must needs confess the best of loves in Thee. Boolean terms must be in uppercase. I do not advise the reader to take this phlegm to task, wnthroposophie if he could extract a Venus from the sea, but I wish him to study water, that he may know the fire.

The prophet sees Him break out at the North, but like a fire catching itself. Nature wraps this most strangely in her very bosom, neither doth she expose it to anything but her own vital, celestial breath. The other, I suppose, is somewhat answerable to the Elysian fields, some delicate, pleasant region, the suburbs of heaven as it were those seven mighty mountains whereupon there, grow roses and lilies, or the outgoings of Paradise anthroposophif Esdras. This makes her ramble hither, to examine the medal by the flask ; but whiles she scans their symmetry she forms it.

My God, my heart is so ; ‘Tis all of flint and no Extract of tears will yield.

The normal, celestial, ethereal part of man is that whereby we do move, see, feel, taste and smell, and have a commerce with all material objects whatsoever. Here also I might speak of that Supernatural Generation whereof Trismegistus: Notwithstanding, in the flowers of several vegetables which in some sort re- present the eyes there is a more subtle, acute perception of heat and cold, and other celestial influences, than in any other part.


Dear Lord, deny me still, and never sign My will but when that will agrees with Thine. She hath several ways to break up house, but her best is without a disease.

God knoweth how that he was caught up into Paradise. First, it is not said that the Spirit itself precisely preached unto them, but He Who went thither by the Spirit, namely, Christ in the hypostatical union of His soul and Godhead which union was not before the Flood when these dead did live.

Sullivan; Alan Stewart 1 February Death is'” a recession of life into the hiddenness ” not the annihilation of any one particle but a retreat of hidden natures to the same state they were in before they were manifested. Wherefore also God gave him the use of all His works ; and in Paradise how familiar is He, or rather how doth He play with Adam.

In this perplexity I studied several arts and rambled theomagic all those inventions which the theomavica of man called sciences. This is the world’s panegyric ; the excursions of both globes meet here ; and I may call it the rendezvous. I know Scaliger thinks to evade this construction with his qui tunc, that they were then alive namely, before the Flood when they were preached unto.

Theomagics spirit adheres sometimes to the Mens, or superior portion of the soul, and then it is filled with the Divine Light. Spirits say the Platonics when they are ” in their own country ” are like the inhabitants of green fields who live perpetually amongst flowers, in a spicy, anthropksophie air ; but here below, ” in the circle of generation,” l they mourn because of darkness and solitude, like people locked up in a pest- house. Thus Christ breathed on His apostles and they received the Theomgica Ghost.

Thomas Vaughan (philosopher)

Here also he seems to agree further with the Mosaical theo,agica. The Peripatetics look on God as they do on carpenters, who build with stone and timber, without any infusion of life. If you know this and with it the Hydro-pyro-magical Art you may, with some security, attempt the work: