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2 out. Mais uma receita: O aquecedor solar de garrafa PET foi desenvolvido pelo aposentado catarinense José Alcino Alano e a ideia ganhou um. Converter a energia do sol em energia elétrica está mais prático e mais fácil. Mais uma inovação sustentável no mercado da construção civil está se. Aquecedor solar de garrafa PET e caixa de leite AM – 14 Aug 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes. Reply. Retweet. Retweeted. Like.

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The part to implement the calculations has been developed as a Java applet which can run on any platform and let the users, in an interactive way, to get the results.

I was basically curious about if you ever considered modifying the design of your site?

I have got 1 recommendation for your web site. Global warming in Amazonia: The use of solar energy in systems of agricultural residential water heating, can complement the economy of electric energy, base of the Brazilian energy matrix. Hi, I aqucedor hopped over to your web page via StumbleUpon.

The solar heater is part of a system of treatment of produced water, and its function is to pre-heat the fluid that enters into the solar distiller, increasing the productivity of distilled water.

The system operated without interruptions and it did not need maintenance, except for the monthly glass cleaning. Model input variables were: Es decir, la eficiencia termica solo se puede aumentar a costa de la productividad y viceversa. Se obtuvo un producto final de muy buena calidad tanto en color, sabor, aroma, con una clasificacion de calidad extra segun el Codigo Alimentario Argentino aqquecedor la Norma ISO Full Text Available http: In this new energy group, the solar energy transformed by the use of photo voltage cells soolar becoming very important.

Se concluye que la eficiencia termica y la productividad del proceso son conceptos encontrados. The produced hydrogen eventually will be introduced in Ceara State through three scenarios which are one of, fast introduction, other of aqueccedor introduction and other of no introduction of hydrogen.

Email me if you get the chance and share your wisdom. This regulation sets forth the general conditions to the access of micro- and minigeneration granted to the electric energy distribution systems through the energy product offset method. The water balance model combined with GIS techniques was used for identifying areas in the state where the cowpea crop will suffer yield restrictions due to climate changes.


With the present work they are sought to analyze the results based on simulations hourly of an installation of solar refrigeration by absorption, subjected to different sources of weather data.

The development and implementation of these devices in various countries of the world, has allowed us to evaluate the technical feasibility of the technologies associated with the development and use of Renewable Energies to solve the global energy problems, and, in this way, achieve the long-awaited energy independence to which aspire all the nations of the planet.

Aquecedor solar feito de garrafas PET

The objective of the work is to use the composting as thermal energy source in the maintenance of aquatic organisms. Comparison of diverse climatic sources for the simulation of facilities of solar refrigeration; Comparacion de diversas fuentes climaticas para la simulacion de instalaciones de refrigeracion solar.

Then, it would be necessary to have a methodology that indicates what to do in this gaarrafa, and for that reason, this work performs an study about the data processing of the obtained measurements to infer values to be incorporated to the series in situations where the data are lost. Besides offering a document of consultation among the professionals dedicated to the design and as base of bioclimatic considerations that must have the construction regulations.

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It is solar air dryer for grains. The solar water heating is carried through, in Brazil, by means of solar heaters compound for collectors flat plate of the peg plate-and-pipes, devices that operate in stationary position and they do not require tracking of the sun.

La difusion y transferencia de sokar tecnologia desarrollada a pequenos productores rurales, contribuye a mejorar su calidad de vida al posibilitarles ingresos adicionales. Cylindrical, conical and spherical geometric were considered, as well as combinations of them. For that reason, the Solar Energy Group at the National University of Rio Cuarto in Argentina, is measuring and recording data of global and direct solar radiation.

As a result of the study it can be seen that for the city of Piracicaba the collecting area of 4. The control is applied to a solar panel in order to solr the sun position.

I have got 1 suggestion for your blog site. The behavior was evaluated according to temperature and relative humidity inside e outside the chamber, and the influence of direct and indirect solar radiation. Perhaps you can double check that. Whoever created the comment that this was an excellent website really needs to have their head evaluated.


The use of solar energy in systems of residential water heating, instead of the electric shower, can compliment the economy of electric energy, based on the Brazilian energy matrix. Secretaria de Planejamento e Gestao.


This website has got a lot of very helpful information on it. Solar chimney for the natural ventilation of buildings: Usually one distinguishes two main types of systems of advantage of the solar energy: Although, this gzrrafa doesn’t mean a significant influence statistically. Technologies of digital simulation validate the results. Full Text Available We have constructed three solar stills of areas 0.

Aquecedor solar de baixo custo – PET

Com a crescente disponibilidade de dados observacionais sobre estrelas T Tauri, a busca por modelos mais precisos vem se tornando cada vez maior. The solar collector was connected to a thermal reservoir, also alternative, low-cost forming the system of solar water heating.

Heating piglets in nursery and farrowing may be improved to save energy, without affecting the animals’ welfare. The current version is capable of simulating 6 different arrangements’ possibilities combined with auxiliary energy: We presentboth the conceptual design of the experimental results. As the aluminum antenna has a rim angle of 90 Celsius degrees, it is necessary to use a cavity receiver to allow external as well as internal absorption of radiative flux.

The awareness of the importance of the environment has stimulated the study of new renewed energy sources and less pollutant. There are reports that during the XX century global average temperature increased 0. The influence of each of the preparation parameters on film properties has been systematically studied. The system consisted of a countercurrent gasifier, coupled with a combustion chamber that burns the producer gas, and eucalyptus firewood was used as a fuel.

The responses obtained from the control show that it is possible to use vision for a control scheme in closed loop. Method to allow the estimation of heat transfer coefficients in solar stills; Metodo para determinar coeficientes locales de transferencia de calor en destiladores solares. Therefore, the prediction of the evolution of Brazilian beef cattle production cost was made using the IPCC forecast scenario for global warming.

The growing demand for energy requires the development and optimization of alternative energy sources.