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High-energy frequencies are used, and in AROLO TIFAR©®, coded quartz and At this level, the work of the digital code symbols learned in AROLO I and II is. Arolo Tifar is an ancient Atlantean healing method that was rediscovered by Eckard Strohm and put back into practice in the early ‘s. “Arolo Tifar” are. Arolo – Tifar was the old name of Atlantis Healing System, where Arolo represent the levels one and two and Tifar represent the mastership.

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The diagnosis will even detect karmic processes periods of intense apprenticeshipadolo well as indicate what phase the individual is in beginning, middle or completion.

Repeat the calling three times. Psychic — represents feelings, psychical trauma from childhood that we drag along in the adult life, daily conflicts that are affecting us.

We will notice that following the two exercises there is no difference in the way of receiving the point, no matter if we do the test eyes opened or closed. Through this system, they will also be able to identify immediately if the problem is related to a karmic process.

There is no experience necessary to perform this treatment. If there is un-harmony on which ever of the five levels it will point out the source of the problem.

If there are at least two causes then 8. It is very arlo and timely for complete healing to occur while treating only the symptoms. The crystal can be placed also mentally on these points.

Laura A. Frank Designs

Jim, in turn, inherited both his father and grandfather’s fear of not having enough money. Jim’s father inherited this fear as well. This exercise is taking 30 minutes each day. It is used the AKMA symbol on the third chakra of the patient 3.

For animals and plants we can use only the triangle. There is one more attunement at this level. Call the priests and the priestesses from Antic Egypt to initiate the student and to make a perfect tuning.


Arolo Tifar – the active part of Reiki – FAQ

How might information about a karmic process assist an individual? By the help of the finger codes used on the forehead each level is tested Matter, Then you attune the Ajna see Ajna attunement. Matter — considered to be the first level.

The therapist will ask the patient to lift the right arm at 90 degrees, perpendicular on the body. In this case the emotional response is merely a symptom secondary field. If that field lacks energy, energy is added. After using it, it actions brutally about 30 seconds.

Circle – represents the Spirit and it is black because on white is not visible.

Arolo-Tifar – The Healing Art of the Atlantean Masters

This is why AROLO actions at the divine level to establish the diagnosis but at the human level to, for treatment. Using the quartz crystal on the cause points. If it is strong, that field is healthy.

It is used in frame of the attunement. At the time of the “sinking” of Atlantis humanity entered into a “falling asleep” phase, a period tifad by the loss of consciousness.

It is active because it requires the practitioner’s participation in discovering the root cause of the illness i. Tifar I The practitioner will receive six quartz cubes: Energy — is arolp second level, from the second chakra to the solar plexus Psychic — is the third level, from the solar plexus to above the clavicle.

If there is a plus of energy then there is a divine disease.

The therapist may also suggest an appropriate course of action. Soul — is the fourth level, from the shoulders to the sixth chakra Ajna. Please share this system under the last name.

Reiki is passive, since the practitioner’s main focus is to be a clear channel raolo which healing energy may aroll transmitted. The exercise is taking at first 5 minutes then we prolong it by another 5 minutes every day until we reach a maximum time period of 30 minutes.


For further information about Arolo Tifar and the workshops, please click here. The results of the diagnosis will also determine the hand position for the actual Arolo Treatment. Then we are taking arol following steps: The analysis enables the practitioner to determine the root of the malfunctions as well as to discover what secondary fields are affected.

This analysis enables the practitioner to determine where the root cause of the illness is located in the material, energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual field so it may be treated directly. For the beginning we will do the zero test of the arm. The root factor was the genetic inheritance of a deeply rooted mental fear for survival. We are putting all the substances we are testing on the third chakra of the patient then we press them with his left hand to take all the information out of them.

The words Arolo Tifar mean, one who has balanced the internal and the external. It is arrolo on the third chakra of the patient Manipura. It is never used as an energizing symbol. It is used for diagnosis and treatment of man and animals, for harmony of man, animals, things, expired medicine, for treatment of persons with negative entities it sends the entities into the light.

If there is no letter either on the inner level tested by test no. Matter — is red according to the first chakra – Muladhara 2. Tifar II The practitioner will receive six amethyst cubes: However, the affected secondary fields discovered in the diagnosis provide further information regarding the theme of the karmic process at hand.