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Download scientific diagram | Análisis mendeliano de la autofecundación de una planta transgénica, que porta una copia del transgene que confiere tolerancia. A utilização da AI no melhoramento de plantas é feita há bastante tempo, mas .. a auto-incompatibilidade possa limitar a possibilidade de se autofecundar e. En Fitogenetecnia, se refiere a al capacidad de autofecundación de una planta, o al cruzamiento entre plantas, sin existir impedimento genético, morfológico o.

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American Society of Agronomy, Both stalk height and stalk weight showed to be subjected to fairly strong inbreeding depression.

All varieties set seeds. Although it is possible to find clones in the progeny with higher means that the parent variety, and a selfing effect was observed on stalk height, because progeny means were always lower than parent means. Effects of inbreeding on the selection of sugar cane clones. Molecules and cells, v. Plots comprised four rows of 5. Existen mecanismos que impiden ou reducen a autogamia nas anxiospermas, tales como a autoincompatibilidadea heterostiliaplatas hercogamia e a dioecia.

At flowering, stalks were isolated in the crossing house to avoid foreign pollen and obtain only self-pollinated seeds.


Reprodución das plantas – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

Pollen-stigma signaling in the sporophytic self-incompatibility response. FAQ Frequently asked questions Display options. A androesterilidade pode manifestarse das seguintes maneiras: The transfer of pollen from the anther of a flower to the stigma of the same flower Hawaii Plant Recordv. Self-incompatibility SI is the failure of a fertile plant to set seeds when fertilized with its own pollen.

Gametophytic apomixis and evolution in plants. Evolution above the Species Level. Although sugarcane has a great cytological complexity, and a slower and indirect selfing process, there is no theoretical reason which demonstrates that superior genotypes cannot be obtained through self-pollination.

Self-incompatibility in plants

Population improvement in alfalfa: But, selfing a variety with high number of stalks e. A collection of writing tools that cover the many facets of English and French grammar, style and usage. The genetic control of self-incompatibility in Linanthus parviflorus Polemoniaceae.

Only 40 soluble solids were found to be the number of self for each parent, i. Relationship between polyploidy and pollen self-incompatibility phenotype in Petunia hybrida Vilm.

Autogamy is sometimes referred to as self-pollination, but this is not a true [synonym of] autogamy. Theoretical and Applied Geneticsv. autofecundaacion

A high rate of tall seedlings was observed in SP, which produced a high frequency Segregation for stalk number is another unexpected and promising outcome.


A ruler was used to measure stalk height in five-stalk samples.

SP Table 3which has poor level of soluble solids and consequently a poor sugar yield; but there were 21 inbreds Trends in Plant Sciencev. Disomic control of self-incompatibility in the tetraploid Ranunculus repens Ranunculaceae. Iowa State University, Polo exposto, existen tres tipos diferentes de mecanismos de apomixe: The Plant Journalv. The number of stalks mean in this autofecnudacion can be considered below the expected values for number of millable canes, i.

The Plant Cellv. The effect of accidental selfing on the analysis of a diallel cross with sugar cane.

Reprodución das plantas

A process of sexual reproduction consisting in the union of ova with pollen from the same flower. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, v. Consultado o 10 de xaneiro de WI, parental mean of autofecunndacion Plant Systematics and Evolutionv.