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Bantul The great has 21 ratings and 0 reviews. Bantul The great bengali comic. fully funny. Narayan Debnath’s first comic book characters in color were for the comic strip and book Batul The Great. By Debnath’s admission, he thought. He is the creator of the popular Bengali comic strips of Handa Bhonda(), Batul The Great () and Nonte Phonte(). He holds the record of longest.

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However, the 3d pictures created by you are also not bad.

Batul the great comics

They are looking so cute and naughty as usual. I enjoyed your creations as well as the whole post a lot Sir Narayan Debnath single handedly introduced bengali childrens with the “Wonderful world of Comics”. Storylines of his comics were so simple that it inspired from our daily bengali life Like our attarctions toward delicious Fish and sweets itemsThe mischievous but also sweet act of small teenage children. Universal and simple appeal of these Comics Characters attarcts not only small children but also their parents at these Jet age.

Sir Narayan Debnath have a great role on my love towards comics and animation.

Having contributed to the early development of Bangla comics and its growth in a career spanning more batil fifty years, he is still read in West Bengal, India and Bangladesh. Apart from comic books and strips, Narayan Debnath is also an artist who has illustrated several children’s novels.


Narayan Debnath was born and spent most of his life living in Shibpur, Bagul, India. His family hailed from Bikrampur in what is now Bangladesh but had migrated to Shibpur before his birth. In an interview published in ”Narayan Debnath Comics Samagra”, published by Lalmati, Debnath confessed to being interested in the visual arts from a very early age. The family business was retailing gold and he had ample scope to design patterns for jewelry.

He did not continue to get his degree but instead discontinued in his final year. For the next few years he freelanced for advertising agencies creating movie slides and logos.

Bantul The great: Bantul The great bengali comic

In he was introduced to Dev Sahitya Kuthir, a major publishing house through a friend. His journey in Comics world started in with Handa-Bhonda in Suktara. Creator and his Immortal Creations Introduction to comics: The suggestion to work in comics in Bengali came from the editors at Dev Sahitya Kutir.

Also the name Handa Bhonda was their suggestion. Debnath had been familiar with foreign made abtul but comics in Bengali had, to his admission, yet to take off. Handa-Bhonda became an instant success and continues to be printed in Shuktara every month. Later it would be printed in grayscale. Initially, he did not know what he foresaw as a future for Batul and did not give him any superpowers.


Bantul The great: Bantul The great bengali comic by Narayan Debnath

He made Batul a superhero able to take on tanks, airplanes, and missiles. Bullets began to bounce off of him as in the case of Superman. Batul is still drawn by Debnath for Shuktara. The first serial strip that Debnath began to create for the Kishore Bharati monthly issues was Potolchand The Magician, which ran for about three issues.

It seemed as if Dinesh Chatterjee was looking for something along the lines of Handa-Bhonda. Quickly, it developed into a separate storyline and also became published in comic book form.

Bantul the Great – Wikipedia

His work for Tarzan stories, Bengali translation of foreign novels etc. Posted by Manash Kundu at Arnab Chakraborty 25 January at Arup Adhikary 9 Greay at Newer Post Older Post Home.

Creations of Narayan Debnath in Animated Form. Creator and his Immortal Creations.