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The Bedini SSG is one types of magnetic motor generators based on zero point Keyword-Component: Bedini SSG circuit operation; Bifilar. Below is the circuit I have been using. This is the basic Bedini SSG (Simplified School Girl) motor. The only difference in my circuit is I am using a 2N I have been researching on Bedini circuits, mostly the simple one (SSG located here ). I worked out in many.

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I was using a digital volt and amp meter and it was fluctuating a bediini but I could get an average of about 1 watt of power being used no matter what I put on the output of the Bedini motor.

I also tried a couple different coils. The motor seems to be in tune with the larger Ah golf cart batteries because the new batteries do not have any effect on the system.

John Bedini Simplified School Girl basic plans

I feel this may be at play as well. Hi, i think the Frequency depends on the Voltage, may turn it higher, and see if the Freq changes. U tube shows almost finished good but Bednii really want to know more details how to srart to make SSG motor.

One such battery charger circuit available on the net uses a uF 35V input capacitor. I am encouraging everyone to CONTINUE to see this experiment through if you have begun it, even if you want to change things after viewing everyone else’s numbers. Circuut like your ideas.


Bedini SSG – Science DIY

The light should not go on unless the output battery is disconnected. I don’t see how the device actually generates energy 1.

Also take note of Tom Bearden cheniere. When the machine is properly built and tuned, by measuring with conventional meters we will see more energy leaving the receiving battery via ssv constant load than entered it.

Bedini SSG Circuit

No capacitor dump [setup], just take the diode output of the coil and put it to a secondary battery positive [that is the SSG setup with the diode and not the SCR]. Can you please state which reed switch you used.

The larger, high power reed switch with a low resonant frequency doesn’t work nearly as well as the smaller reed switches. Originally Posted by Statass.

Single coil Bedini motor charging 4 batteries w no current increase

The Contact can be made from other more solid Material too, because Copper can may a bit burn. The red dot is where I connected the extra diode.

A poor Man Reedswitch can be made with 2 cutted Razorblades, or one Blade and a copper contact. And also coil diamater wourld be helpful. Multiply your input energy figured in step 2 watts times or your arbitrarily decided charge time and you will have your input power in joules.


Thinker and learn from it. SSG motor Guruji san Thank you for your kind reply. I am pretty interested in making a SSG motor.

Hopefully I can get time to try it as I’ve got a Bedini SSG I changed to use a 2n and would just need to mod it a bit to take out the coil and wheel and put in a coil with a reed. Well this might be the basics one of the ‘new ways’. Circuit is same as SSG one, http: All times are GMT. Bedini already masters all these variables thus don’t expect a miracle with your first build. With a charge rate as you’ve cirfuit on a uF V capacitor, this indicates that charging a battery by means of a standard lead acid 12V battery charger circuit should be possible with the output.

Piezo rochelle salt crystal. I try to measure it with at least two different methods until I can get the two to agree with one another.

When it gets close to this level I suppose now I have no choice but to buy the book.