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: Leviathan: Leviathan; Behemoth; Goliath (The Leviathan Trilogy) ( ): Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson: Books. Behemoth is a steampunk novel written by Scott Westerfeld and illustrated by Keith Thompson, and the second book in the Leviathan trilogy. This novel is the. The behemoth is the fiercest creature in the British navy. It can swallow enemy battleships with one bite. The Darwinists will need it, now that.

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With a continued mix of steampunky ships and genetically engineered beasties, including giant airships.

This page was last edited on 30 Augustat The characters are also quite likable, the writing is good. The group manages to head into the city of Istanbul, where westrfeld try to remain hidden among the commoners.

Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld

Every now and again they could give Alek, Todd and Will a chapter where they just sit and talk about how fantastic their better halves are. The plot was interesting and captivating for the behemotg part. Don’t screw this up. But I think every other review of this book has behemotth said enough about her.

She wants to tell Alek her secret, but chickens out. Other books in the series. There’s some vivid new characters and I appreciated the growth of the returning ones. Scottt and Deryn also ride on the Sultan’s airyacht, the Stamboulalthough Deryn has been nervous of Clanker airships since her father’s death. I feel like this book was less confusing than Leviathan by a mile.

I’m not going to give much of a plot summary if I can help it; I don’t want to spoil it or provide too many details.

However, I absolutely loved this audio Behemoth was such a good addition to the Leviathan series. Book TWO in the “Leviathan” series. By the time it appears and wades into battle, the fight is almost over before it started, and that I felt was a little bit anti climatic. To ask other readers questions about Behemothplease sign up.


Behemoth eBook by Scott Westerfeld | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster Canada

Zaven introduces Alek to his mother, Nene and daughter, Lilitwho initially do not trust him until Bovril convinces them.

Beemoth will finally live up to Count Volger’s high standards.

He was a little westefreld pathetic in this book than the first, which was good and bad. Retrieved on December 28, In this clever steampunk reimagining of World War One the Central Powers of Europe are known as “Clankers”, builders of huge anthropomorphic mechs, while the Allies are “Darwinists”, masters of genetic engineering who have birthed a seemingly endless menagerie of living weapons of war. Contents [ show ]. Alek and Deryn will need great skill, new allies, and brave hearts to face what’s ahead.

Jan 06, mark monday rated it liked behemotn Shelves: I want to go sing its praises across campus, to haul people down to the library and shove copies of Eesterfeld into their hands, to wander the country like a modern-day Johnny Appleseed scattering westerfdld books wherever I go.

Bauer wakes up easily but Klopp seems to be badly injured. I know I said this already, but it bears repeating Meanwhile, I vote we start a campaign to get ‘team’ shirts printed for this series – a Darwinist one with the Leviathan, the loris, the tigeresque from the first book and maybe some others; a Clanker one with walkers and mechanical parts all over it, both in cool fonts.

The Darwinists use technology based on genetically manipulated animals, while the Clankers use wseterfeld. I have to admit that I’m not bothered by this cover – mostly I love the colours, the graininess and the illustration of – is it Alek?

They then stage a revolt, using a gold bar Alek has saved for funding.

Behemoth (Leviathan, book 2) by Scott Westerfeld

Publishers Weekly wrote “This exciting and inventive tale of military conflict and wildly reimagined history should captivate a wide range of readers.


Keith Thompson and on that note, I adore the fact that the title page calls the author Mr. The most enjoyable parts of this book for me was the character development, Westerfield sfott them room to grow, and even though he introduced several new supporting characters he makes sure to give plenty of page space to the main characters so that you never lose sight of who the story is focused on, or what their goals are.

Westerfelr Sultan has an enormous automaton built and controlled by German engineers, which follows his every move. View all 17 comments. Dec 03, Lauredhel rated it it was amazing. Besides that, this book was thrilling awesome!

Alek and Deryn find Lilit after the battle, and she tells them behhemoth, kissing Deryn and calling her, “the bravest boy I’ve ever met. This time, in Istanbul!

Behemoth (novel)

Alek is his trusting, or gullible whichever you prefer, I like trusting and a bit more humbled self. I expected to be in agony, waiting for Deryn to reveal herself to Alek, but as the story progressed I found that I was actually quite happy to have her continue on with her daring exploits and suicidal desterfeld.

Ohhhhhh what a beastie.

Nov 14, Ylenia rated it liked it Shelves: Meanwhile, Alek hides from the public view, he ends up scuffling with a girl who turns out to be Zaven’s daughter, Lilit.

There are a host of inventive creations in this book full of ” nicely done ,” but I want to run the highlighter over the two primary world-building concepts i.