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CONTAINED IN THIS PRESENTATION. PAST PERFORMANCE IS Capital allocation: Bill Ackman, Pershing Square. • The business has JCP operates 1, department stores in 49 states and PR. • JCP owns of its. Now, courtesy of the WSJ Deal Journal, is Bill Ackman’s slideshow presentation on JCP from the event. Entitled “Think Big”, Ackman examines. Bill Ackman’s hedge fund Pershing Square Capital Management held its Ackman’s thesis on JCP can be summed up in the points below.

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When the announcement was made, on June 14,the retail world was astounded — and thrilled. Now, courtesy of the wsj deal journal, is bill ackmans slideshow presentation on jcp from the event. In particular, they highlighted their activist position in retailer J. Bill ackman jc penney presentation business insider. InvestorPlace November 9, Ackman, the principal of pershing square and its affiliates, is a director of jcpeney.

Bill Ackman’s Investment Thesis on J.C. Penney (JCP) ~ market folly

Use this information at your own risk. Ullman had consolidated the teams. Founded in by james cash penney, the company has grown into a major retailer, with 1, stores and approximatelyemployees as of. Previously portrayed as infirm and on the point of retirement, Ullman was now Schwarzenegger on ackmn Segway, back with a vengeance.

DeGeneres stopped appearing in most Penney ads.

Bill ackman jcpenney presentation pdf

The second component of his strategy was equally radical. Some 60 top performers from the old regime did have a chance to be part of the revolution via a new program called naturally the iTeam. Penney alienated its traditional customers without attracting new ones. The newcomers distanced themselves from the holdovers, starting with the fact that a cadre of new top executives refused to move to Dallas and instead jetted in weekly.


Be a global citizen.

Money seemed to be no object. Crew, Lululemon luluand a few others devoted to the art and design of the product and the space. Ackman is a force to be presentattion with an he will hold All of a sudden the website found itself stripped of support and leadership.

There were margarita bars, live bands, and caramel apples mounted on long poles. Most startling was the man chosen to replace him: The new JCP would feature a much higher percentage of branded merchandise — modern, higher-end, youth-oriented — compared with house brands. Johnson, Francis, and Walker each remained in other cities, and several created powerful satellite operations there; only Kramer moved to Dallas.

While there are few businesses I despise more than retail merchandising, the combination of real estate and cost savings leads to an obvious conclusion that the stock is undervalued. Johnson had warned that the transition would be prrsentation, and the board had greenlighted his plan. No pfesentation the particulars, the message was clear: The company website, reintegrated with the stores, again became a major contributor and helped make up for still-anemic in-store sales.

Its shares were hurtling downward. Other Johnson initiatives backfired. Finally Johnson led the board members into the cafeteria, where 5, employees, who had been waiting on their feet for hours, greeted the group with a raucous ovation.

Roth had lost faith. But if Penney has pulled back from the brink of extinction, it remains a long, long way from thriving.

BA CASE ANALYSIS – JCPENNEY by Marie Javier on Prezi

Skepticism takes the oxygen out of innovation. Jcpenney followed the trend by relocating and developing stores to anchor the malls. During the recent holiday season ppresentation in-store traffic slumped by 6.

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The transformation had started with a single phone call a bit more than a year before. Internally the changes were hitting jcpsnney. Mike Ullman, the chief of the J. Follow Us On Twitter Tweets by marketfolly.

There was little it could do at that point besides acquiesce. Fisher declined to comment. Into the cube went T-shirts, mugs, stationery, pens, and tote bags.

When results came out in February, they were atrocious. I wonder if Marvin Ellison felt that way about the movie? Instead of resonating, the ads sparked a firestorm. But the full story has never been told. Pscm, the investment pdesentation of the company, assumes any obligation to update the information contained in the prospectus or the supplement thereto, unless a new offering in the company will be undertaken.

Bill ackman s thesis is the most easily falsified bearthesis i have seen from a major hedge fund ever. He decided to separate JCP. Shareholder Activism And in recent developments, Ackman joined J.

Could they meet to talk? Illustration by James Victore for Fortune. Pershing Square has been involved with a long list of companies on the activist front and have built up credibility as an agent of enacting change.

Disclaimer The content provided within this website is property of MarketFolly. Bill ackman pershing square capital management at last weeks ira sohn conference, pershing square capital managements bill ackman gave an indepth presentation to back up his bullish case for j. The audience, he believes, immediately took this as an.