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User manual for BlackBerry Curve BlackBerry Curve Series BlackBerry Curve / Smartphones Version: User Guide To find. Go. View and Download Blackberry Curve user manual online. Blackberry Curve User Guide. Curve Cell Phone pdf manual download. For the BlackBerry Curve , and Series Gary Mazo, Martin Follow the instructions in the “Setting up WiFi on Your BlackBerry” section earlier in.

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BlackBerry Curve Smartphone Version: Camera and video camera shortcuts Camera and video camera Zoom in to or out from a picture Date, time, and alarm Set the date and time Get the date and time from the wireless network automatically Change what appears on the display when your device is charging Change the clock face Display a second time zone Turn on bedside clock mode Change the display language Add a display language Delete a display language Blackerry typing input languages Change the typing input language Switch typing input methods Change the input options for SureType technology Change the voice dialing language Use a shortcut to switch typing input languages while you type Change 85220 shortcut for switching typing input languages Receive a device password prompt before you add an application View the size of an application database About updating the BlackBerry Device Software Updating the BlackBerry Device Software over the wireless network Update the BlackBerry Blackbdrry Software Return to the previous usser of the BlackBerry Device Software About wireless coverage indicators Turn on LED notification for wireless coverage About the preferred wireless network list Add a wireless network to the preferred wireless network list Change the order of preferred wireless networks Delete a wireless network from the preferred wireless network list Turn off data service or set data service options when roaming Service books and diagnostic reports To check your voice mail, press and hold 1.

To hide status information at the top of a map, press U again. Number field at the top of the screen. Click the My Number field at the top of mnaual screen.

Press the X key. Type the extension number. If you are outside of a wireless coverage area and the SOS wireless coverage indicator appears, you can only call emergency numbers.

Depending on your device model and the wireless network that your device manuap connected to, your device is also designed to allow emergency calls when the SIM card is not inserted.

Change the default volume for calls You can increase or decrease the default volume for calls. The higher the volume percentage, the louder the volume. From the Blwckberry screen, press the Send key.


Click View Speed Dial List. Highlight a contact or phone number.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Manual / User Guide

Press the Menu key. Perform one of the following actions: Click a new contact. To turn on voice prompts again, say “Turn blackbefry on. You can set different playback options.

If your organization or a conferencing service has provided you with a conference call bridge number, you can create conference call meetings in the calendar on your device or computer. Conference call meetings allow participants who have a BlackBerry device to enter the conference call meeting with a one-touch Join Now option, if this feature is supported on their device, so that they do not have to dial the conference call bridge number and access codes.

User Guide Create a conference call meeting from your device, Create a phone number link for a conference call Type a phone number for the conference call bridge.

Type X and the access code. Speak privately with a contact during a conference call You can perform this task only if you make a conference call by joining calls blacjberry, and not if you create a conference call meeting in the calendar.

Depending on your theme, when you miss a call, a missed call indicator might also appear at the top of the Home screen. You can also add notes to call logs or send call logs as email messages.

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For more information, contact your wireless service provider. Type a phone number. Press the Enter key. Change a call forwarding phone number You can only change call forwarding phone numbers that you have added.

User Guide To use the blocked calling feature, your wireless service provider must set up your SIM card for this service and provide you usdr a call blocking password. Depending on your wireless service provider and wireless network, this feature might not be supported. Block calls To perform this task, your wireless service provider must set up your SIM card for this service and provide you with a call blocking password.

If you specify a phone number for an organization, you can call a contact at the organization quickly by dialing the contact’s extension only.

Blackberry Curve 8520 User Manual

Your BlackBerry device is designed to convert received calls to text that you can read on your TTY device. If your SIM card supports more than one phone number, and you are on a call, you cannot receive a call from the phone number that you are not using.

Any calls to the phone number that you are not using will receive a busy signal or will be sent to voice mail. If you have a BlackBerry MVS Client phone number and another phone number, you can receive calls to either phone number even when you are on a call. Hide or display your phone number when you make calls The wireless network can override the option that you choose. On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon. Highlight the phone number.


User Guide Messages Message basics Composing messages Check spelling You can check spelling in messages, calendar entries, tasks, or memos that you create. In a message, calendar entry, task, or memo, press the Menu key.

Perform any of the following actions: For more information, contact your administrator. On the Home screen, click the Messages icon. Delete a message In a message, press the Menu key.

Click Delete Original Text. Email message filters are applied to email messages based on the order in which they appear in your list of email message filters. If you create multiple email message filters that could apply to the same email message, you must decide which one should be applied first by placing that filter higher in the list.

Set the sensitivity level of email messages that the email message filter applies to. If email messages are forwarded, specify whether they are forwarded with high importance or with the email message header only.

PIN messages are not routed through your email account. Find your SMS phone number In the phone application, your phone number appears at the top of the screen. You can receive cell broadcast messages that contain a specific type of information by subscribing to a cell broadcast channel that provides that type of information. Type the channel ID and a nickname. Find your MMS phone number In the phone application, your phone number appears at the top of the screen.

Click a media file.

To add another media file, repeat steps 1 to 3. To customize the slide show, perform any of the following actions: Click Add to Contacts. In the Message Outline Colours section, perform any of the following actions: For example, you might be able to associate your device with a work email account and one or more personal email accounts.

If you associate your device with more than one email account, multiple message lists might appear on your device. Click one of the uer menu items: