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So-called intellectual property is in fact an “intellectual monopoly” that hinders For the Lawrence R. Klein lecture, see Boldrin and Levine (b). Against Intellectual Monopoly So-called intellectual property is in fact an ‘ intellectual monopoly’ that hinders rather than Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine. Cambridge Core – Industrial Economics – Against Intellectual Monopoly – by Michele Michele Boldrin, University of Minnesota, David K. Levine, University of.

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The aim is blocking competition; preventing others from producing the same product of better quality, or at a lower price. Log In Sign Up. Against Intellectual Monopoly enables us to meet this challenge on its own ground. They are mainstream neoclassical economists and their ethical views seem, broadly speaking, to be utilitarian. If you are interested in the details of why and how the current Intellectual Property laws came into being, this book is a good layman’s introduction.

Copyright keeps literary and musical works unavailable because large corporations, like Disney, want to keep a few titles protected. Great Read for IP If you are interested in the details of why and how the current Intellectual Property laws came into being, this book is a good layman’s introduction. Although arguments that favor intellectual monopoly may be logical, they generally do not follow common sense.

Against Intellectual Monopoly | David K Levine –

Second, though benefits from promoting new ideas of patents and copyright cannot on a priori grounds be ruled out, there is strong reason to believe that these effects have been greatly exaggerated.


The authors also note that it may be difficult to gauge the level of innovation actually going in a country. The Evil of Intellectual Monopoly pdf Why are patents so bad anyway?

At first glance, the thesis sounds odd. Accordingly, if commercialisation was difficult, would it have occurred at all without the patent rights that secure a means for investors to make money on their investment?

Journal of Law, Information and Science

This chapter also uses the pornography industry as model for what the movie industry would look like without copyright protection. As this example shows, the authors display a thorough familiarity with the ins and outs of intellectual property law.

It makes available underlying source aggainst, which enables those who want to freely contribute to add to the code. Anarchy and the Law. What if the objector persists?

In contrast to shoe factories, even with minimal installed capacity, the copies of a book that can be made over an extremely short period of time may be lrvine many as to essentially flood the market, dropping the price to near marginal cost almost immediately.

Against Intellectual Monopoly

Often years of litigation result from a patent claim, and the others show in great detail the waste that results from our present monopolistic arrangements.

The authors introduce the ideas of their book by using 16th century inventor James Watt as an example of the ills of the copyright and patent systems. What is not discussed is that Watt actually had significant trouble in the commercialisation of his steam engine and it was only with the help of one business partner in particular that it actually occurred.


However, because licensing allows monopolies to keep competitors at bay and remain viable although they are not innovating the argument is not persuasive.

View the discussion thread. The Devil in Disney pdf What is the big deal with copyright?

Will it surprise you to learn that virtually againsh of the innovations in this industry took place with the protection of intellectual monopoly? By the way If you want the print version then pay againat it, but if you just want to read it then it is available for free from the author’s website here: Artists would still create, and so on. How Competition Works Chapter 7: What’s all this fuss about free-market anarchism?

Defenses of Intellectual Monopoly pdf What is the conventional wisdom and why it is wrong. The chapter illustrates this through the history of patents, as well as through examples in agriculture, design and sports. Michele Boldrin is a Joseph G. The authors throughout the book argue that ideas are patentable. Tags Free Markets Legal System.