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Boogie, el aceitoso is a adult-oriented 3D Argentinian Boohie action – thriller filmbased on the Argentine character Boogie, the oily by Roberto Fontanarrosaand directed by Gustavo Cova.

It was the first 3D animated movie made in Argentina and Latin America. Boogie meets Marcia at a bar, the girlfriend of the mafia Boss Sonny Calabria, who asks him if he finds her attractive. Boogie points that she is fat in a very rude manner, and leaves. Some time later Calabria is sent to trial, threatened by the existence of a mysterious witness who could incriminate him.

Calabria’s people try to hire Boogie to kill that witness, but as he requests too much money they decide to hire Blackburn instead, a competitor killer. Angered by the situation, Boogie decides to kidnap the witness to force Calabria to pay him. The witness was Marcia, who had changed into a thin figure after Boogie’s criticism, causing Calabria to leave her and get together with another fat woman, as he preferred fat women.

Marcia falls in love with this noogie hero, despite his constant violence and lack of feelings, until she finds out his true plans. She tries to escape from him, but Boogie captures her back and negotiates giving qceitoso up to Calabria. However, after trading her in, Boogie starts feeling guilty, and decides to go back and rescue Marcia.


He decides to bring her to the trial, that was waiting for her testimony, and crosses the country at high speed.

Boogie ( film) – Wikipedia

During the trial, Calabria’s lawyer tries to kill Marcia but Boogie shoots him instead. Sonny summons massive numbers of hit-men who have infiltrated in the scene, but boogie starts to kill them all.

Marcia, who had so far been reluctant to Boogie’s violence, takes two of his guns and starts killing as well, and ends with killing Calabria for leaving her. Boogie sees Marcia, armed with guns and all covered with blood, and falls in love with her. Three months after the event, Marcia declares in a Journal that she knows nothing from Boogie ever since, and has made out her mind that probably that was for the best, and starts thinking that Boogie might be in a War Zone doing what he does best.

Todo Boogie, el aceitoso

Later on we can see Boogie in a Battlefield Site as a Mercenary, just to watch him pointing his M16 Service Rifle right at the camera to say “There’s some for you too”. Roberto Fontanarrosacreator of the character in comic strips, had read and edited a provisional script.


Cova considered later that they could manage to make the transition from comic strips to movie being loyal to the character style and the style of Fontanarrosa himself. The film had a cost of two and a half million of dollars. Unlike the comic stripswhich are made with short jokes, the movie is not made with a series of short shots but with a big storyline. However, many of the comic strips created by Fontanarrosa were included as part of the storyline.

Boogie also lacks in the comic strips a female sidekick: The Marcia character in the film collects into a single character situations of many others.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Valentina Boogie Gaturro Top Cat: The Movie Allisonerotic comic Dubal in development.

Boogie, el aceitoso

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