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Bouml – Tutorials. The tutorials are written to help you to use BOUML and are based on examples, a full description of BOUML is given in the reference manual . Here is simple introduction about generation C++ source code with free UML tool , BoUML. Below is major structure in a BoUML project: Project -> Views. Ah, alright, I figured it out with help from this video: watch?v=fRp0ARbEdMg titled Reverse Engineering using BOUML tutorial.

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Sign up using Email boum Password. The different types of views provide different context menus listing the diagrams and model elements that can be created in it. You have to ways to draw the association: The use case picture may be resized moving the points appearing when you click on the use case.

Plug-out – Tutorial

Note that an actor is in fact a classwhen the stereotype is actor the icon shown in the browser is an actorelse titorial class. UmlUseCaseView use case view: We want to add a mono directional association from C1 to Administratorhit the corresponding icon on the top of the diagram sub-window and add draw the relation as for the ones in the use case diagram:.

Perhaps you had seen the class menu entry Bboumltry to generate the code for C1: The actor is drawn as an actorthis a default for the classes having the stereotype actor this depend on the drawing settings of the class, the other special cases are for the stereotypes control, boundary and entity:. The name is also asked, to change it the use case diagram must be edited choosing edit in the menu appearing on a right mouse click. In the two cases the sort in first done in the plug-out memory then the browser elements will be moved accordingly.

Now if you ask for the code generation you will have something generated.

The second way is better to associate several classes: Each other tab is link to a specific language: To remove something in the diagram, select the desired elements left click on it and press Suppr or call the menu and choose remove from view.


Besides modeling, it provides many code generations features that are useful if you want to use the results of your modeling efforts in later phases of the software development life cycle. To set the format used for the diagram you will create in the future, choose the sub menu Diagram default format of the menu Miscellaneous. Create an actor named Customer like you create the use case, to have:. The first tab concern the UML characteristics, by default an attribute is an instance member not a class memberis not volatile and is not read-only.

The definition of sortChildren in Java is:. Hit on the desired icon, left click on the actor tutoriao, move the mouse click down up to the use case and release the click: In the opposite you can automatically change the size of the diagram sub-window to see all the diagram elements for the current scale choosing optimal window size in the same menu or through the button.

Post as a guest Name. I also made some video tutorials available on https: The visible part is the part of the diagram which appears depending on the diagram sub-window’s scrollbars position.

zend framework – Reverse engineering in Bouml for php project – Stack Overflow

The left sub-window display a browser presenting your project, the navigation may be done by the mouse or the keyboard’s arrows. However in the normal case the goal of an actor is not to be used to generate code, and in the generation settings the stereotype actor at class level is translated to ignored in the target languages.

Post as a guest Name. You’d just have to upload your code somewhere. We call the menu on Withdraw in the browser or the diagram, doing a right click and choose edit drawing settingschange the color which is default to follow the rule defined upper to green:. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.


c++ – Reverse engineered project to graphical UML diagram – Stack Overflow

If you edit the generalization from Withdraw you will have a simple dialog, this is not the case for the generalization between the actors because this inheritance may produce source code: The name of the project appears in the browser, the project is the top level packagea right mouse click on it tutkrial the menu:.

Go in the IDL buoml and hit the button Default declaration for the two roles:. Some videos are also available on YouTube. For that we have first to create a class viewand why not we don’t want to place it directly in the project package.

To copy all the elements even the non visible ones, choose copy optimal picture part. To abort a line during its construction: I go through this link Boumal java reverse engineering video but problem tutoiral when i drag and drop every php class but that don’t show relationship between class.

Bouml – Tutorials

Call the Package3 menu and choose new class view named Class view If you do that on a sub level, for instance on the diagram, the scope of the new value will be limited on the chosen level and recursively on all its children. A tutorial for writing plug-outs is available on the website.

Stick with it — definitely looks possible! Now I’ve reversed the project and I see the classes, namespaces, methods and such in the project browser but I can’t figure out how to create a graphical UMl from it, may anyone here help me?

UML Lab good for clz diagram. To create a use case diagram in this view, do a right click on the use case view and choose new use case diagram:.