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View and Download BRONICA SQ-A manual online. SQ-A Digital Camera pdf manual download. The Bronica SQ series is a line of 6×6 medium format SLR camera system If they are not, manually cock the shutter on the lens or body. SQ-A – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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The Zenza Bronica SQ-A has been designed to take full advantage of the square 6cm broniica 6cm medium format. It has also been developed as a complete modular “system” camera, with a very high degree of interchangeability in lenses, finders, focusing screens, film backs, etc.

Loading the Battery The electronically controlled shutter will not work without loading the battery. Use one 6 volt silver oxide battery or alkaline-manganese battery.

Attachment and Removal of Film Backs If winding is not possible, all preparations for taking pictures have been completed. But, if winding is possible, rotating the film winding crank until it stops will automatically take care of the incomplete action, even if the shutter is uncocked or film is not advanced.

Thus, it’s always possible to choose the film type most suited for the shot, even midway in the roll. Construction of Film Back A. The film back consists of a film holder and a film back frame, with exclusive film backs available for and roll films.

The film hold- er has an insert or frame for loading film, as well as a built-in winding mechanism. After loading the fresh film spool properly, draw out the leading end of the film and turn it across the film pressure plate as illustrat- ed.

Run it down and turn it over to the take-up spool. Insert the leading end into the slit of the take-up spool and wind slightly until securely engaged. Upon loading the film, rotate the film-winding crank until it stops to place the first frame into place for taking the picture. The expo- sure counter will also change from “S” to “1”, while the shutter will also be cocked. Film Type Indicator Frame Upon loading the film, tear off the end flap from the empty film pack- age and insert it in the film type indicator frame.


This will help you keep track of the film loaded in the film back, even when two or more film backs are used with different films. After the 12th exposure of the roll film 24th exposure of the roll filmthe film-winding crank will turn freely with further rota- tions. Therefore, continue rotating the film-winding crank until the remaining film and all leader paper is wound up on the take-up spool.

Bronica SQ-A Instruction Manual

Shutter Release Button A. Depress the shutter release button with the ball of the finger.

Use a smooth, gentle action and press all the way in, without using strength or jerking. Unscrew the set screw on the time exposure lever until further rev- olution is impossible, which will permit the lever to be moved freely. Instructions are based on the waist- level finder because of its popularity. All interchangeable lenses for the Zenza Bronica SQ-A have fully automatic lens diaphragms, which means that the focusing screen is always viewed at the full aperture, with the brightest possible image.

For example, if the 80mm lens is focused at a distance of 3m, it can be seen from the depth of field scale that the zone will extend from 2 to 7 meters 6 ft. To make up multiple exposures, rotate the film winding crank to advance the film and cock the shutter and then turn the multiple exposure lever in the clockwise or arrow-indicated direction, which will expose a red mark. When set in this manner, the shutter can be released and cocked any number of times, without advancing the film.

When S is set to the index with the mirror lock-up switch lever, the lever will automatically return to N, with the next film advancing and shutter cocking action.

And, following shots will be normal. Then, slide both screen removal levers forward to secure the focusing screen.

Help – Bronica SQ-Am Battery Holder

Attachment of the Neck Strap A. First, insert the U-shaped ring into the neck strap eyelet, as illus- trated. Next, place the plastic ring cover over the u-shaped ring, as illus- trated. Next, thread the neck strap through the plastic ring cover and the U-shaped ring and pull it out, as illustrated. The battery supplies power for the various electronic control mechanisms incorporated in the Zenza Bronica SQ-A. Be sure to use and store the bat- tery correctly for obtaining optimum performance from it at all times.


Care of the SQ-A Restrict cleaning of the reflex mirror to blowing or brushing with the blower brush or a soft camel hair brush. Don’t touch manua surface with your fingers or a cloth. Use lens cleaning tissue and liquid to clean the surface of the lens. Do not use silicon-coat- ed cloth for this purpose, as it will prove detrimental to the lens coating. Depth of Field Manuwl F-num- Meters bers Page of 27 Go. Congratulations on your choice of the Bronica SQ-A single lens reflex camera that has been.

It has also been developed as a complete modular “system” camera, with a.

Help – Bronica SQ-Am Battery Holder | Photography Forums

To obtain best results from your camera, we suggest that you read this instruction manual. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with its work. Although instructions following are based on a standard combination consisting of the. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Loading The Battery 1. Construction Of Film Back 4.

Film Type Indicator Frame 7. Shutter Release Button Time t Exposure Interchanging Focusing Screens Then, slide both screen removal levers forward to secure the focusing screen. Attachment Of The Neck Strap Care Of The Sq-a Depth Of Field Table Specifications Of Zenzanon-s Lenses Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

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