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Network User’s Guide. Network User’s Guide. Appendix. Command Reference Guide for Software Developers. Regulatory Documents. Declaration of Conformity. Network User’s Guide for HLN. Version 1. Please read this manual thoroughly before using the printer. You can print or view this manual from the. View and Download Brother HLN user manual online. Users Manual – English. HLN Printer pdf manual download. Also for: n – b/w laser printer.

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You must set up the hardware and install the driver before you can use the printer. Please use the Quick Setup Guide to set up the printer. You can find a printed copy in the box. Warnings tell you what to do to prevent possible personal injury. Electrical Hazard icons alert you to a possible electrical shock. Hot Surface icons warn you not to touch machine parts that are hot. Cautions specify procedures you must follow or avoid to prevent possible damage to the printer or other objects.

To use the printer safely There are high voltage electrodes inside the printer.

Before you clean the inside of the printer, make sure you have turned off the power switch and unplugged the printer from the AC power outlet. Do not handle the plug with wet hands. Doing this might cause an electrical shock.

Table of Contents About this printer Using the control panel button A-9 How to use the Web browser A-9 Brotheg to use the Remote Printer Console A-9 Symbol and character sets list Use a shielded interface cable that is IEEE compliant. About this printer Positioning the printer Please read the following before you mnaual the printer. Power supply Use the printer within the recommended power range.

About this printer What kind of paper can I use? Type and size of paper The printer loads paper from the installed paper tray, or the manual feed slot. The names for the paper trays in the printer driver and this guide are as follows: Paper tray Tray 1 Manual feed slot About this printer Printable area The edges of the paper that cannot be printed on are shown below.

About this printer Printing methods Printing on plain paper, bond paper and transparencies You can print on plain paper, bond paper or transparencies from the paper tray or manual feed slot. For the paper you want to use, see What kind of brothr can I use? Brkther on plain paper, bond paper or transparencies from the paper tray Note Do not put more than 10 transparencies in the paper tray, if you print on transparencies.

HLN Laser Printer HLN – Printers | Brother NZ

About this printer While pressing the blue paper-guide release lever, slide the paper guides to fit the paper size. Check that the guides are firmly in the slots. Put paper in the tray. About this printer Lift up the manusl flap to prevent paper from sliding off the face-down output tray. Note If you choose not to lift up the output tray support flap, we recommend that you remove printed pages immediately after they come out of the printer. About this printer Printing on plain paper, bond paper or transparencies from the manual feed slot Note The printer automatically turns on the Manual Feed mode when you put paper in the manual feed slot.


Note If you choose not to lift up the output tray support flap, we recommend that you remove printed pages as soon as they come out of the printer. About this printer After the printed page comes out of the printer, put in the next sheet of paper or the transparency as in Step 5 above. Repeat for each page that you want brpther print. Note If you print on transparencies, remove each transparency immediately after printing. Stacking the printed transparencies may cause a paper jam or the transparency to curl.

About this printer Printing on thick paper, labels and envelopes Note The printer automatically turns on the Manual Feed mode when you put paper in the manual feed slot. When you select the paper you want to use, see What kind of paper can I use?

If you print on envelopes, see Types of envelopes to avoid on page About this printer Send the print data to the printer. Note A No paper fed manual feed slot status is shown by the control panel LEDs until you put a sheet of paper or an envelope in the manual feed slot.

Lift up the support flap to prevent paper from sliding off the face-down output tray. About this printer Using both hands, put one piece of paper or one envelope in the manual feed slot until the front edge of the paper or envelope touches the paper feed roller.

When you feel ho-2070n machine pull in the paper, let go. About this printer Types of envelopes to avoid Do not use envelopes: For more information about how to choose the manial, see the Help text in the printer driver.

About this printer The printer will now automatically print all the odd-numbered pages on the other side of the paper. Note When you put paper in the paper tray, first empty the tray then put the printed pages in the tray, with the printed side face up.

About this printer Paper orientation for manual duplex printing The printer prints the second page first. If you print 10 pages on 5 sheets of paper, it will print page 2 then page 1 on the first sheet of paper. It will print page 4 then page 3 on the second sheet of paper. This driver only supports basic printing functions.

Brother HL-2070N User Manual

For Windows NT 4. Driver and software You can change the following printer settings when you print from your computer. Driver and software Toner Save Mode You can save running costs by turning on the toner save mode, which reduces the print density. Print Setting You can manually change the Print setting. Driver and software Job Spooling The printer saves data that you want to reprint. You can reprint a document without sending the data again from your PC.

Lock the scaling setting as shown below. Using this function allows you to do the following. Driver and software Density adjustment Increase or decrease the print density. Error Message Printout You can choose whether the printer reports problem by printing error page or not. About the errors, see Error message printout on page You can see the printer driver version. The internal fonts list is available for HLN only. You can download the latest printer driver by accessing the Brother Solutions Center at http: You can change settings by selecting the setting in the Printer Settings list: Driver and software Uninstalling the printer driver You can uninstall the printer driver that you installed with the following steps.


Drag all these following files in the Extensions folder to the trash. This printer has an Automatic Emulation Selection feature. When the printer receives data from the computer, it automatically chooses the emulation mode.

This feature has been set at the factory to ON. The LED indications shown in the table below are used in the illustrations in this chapter. Control panel Printer status Sleep mode The power switch is off or the printer is in Sleep mode.

Pressing the Go button wakes up the printer from Sleep mode to Ready mode. Ready to print The printer is ready to print. Warming up The printer is warming up. Control panel Printer status Toner life end Replace the toner cartridge with a new one. See Replacing the toner cartridge on page Cartridge position error The toner cartridge is not installed correctly.

Take out the toner cartridge and put it back into the printer again. Control panel Printer status Front cover is open Close the front cover of the printer. Back cover is open Close the back cover of the printer. Paper jam Clear the paper jam. See Paper jams and how to clear them on page If the printer does not start printing, press the Go button.

Control panel Service call indications If there is an error that cannot be cleared by the user, the printer will show that a service call is needed by lighting up all the LEDs as shown below. If you see the service call indication above, turn off the power switch, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on and try to print again.

Control panel Table 1: Control panel Control panel button Go button The control panel button has the following functions: Wake-up If the printer is in Sleep mode, press the Go button to wake the printer up and go to the Ready state.

Error recovery If there is an error, the printer will recover automatically from some errors. Control panel Print a test page You can use the Go button or the printer driver to print a test page.

Using control panel button Turn off the printer. Make sure that the front cover is closed and the power cord is plugged in.

Hold down the Go button as maunal turn on the power switch. Control panel Print a Printer Settings page You can print the current settings using the control panel button or printer driver.