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Building with Earth by Gernot Minke, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Building with Earth Gemot Minke Building with Earth Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture Birkhauser – Publishers for Architecture Basel • Berlin. Minke, Gernot Documentation of 30 international earth buildings. The characteristics of the building material earth and its applications in modern architecture.

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Animal power can also be used. The second and revised edition of this handbook offers a practical systematic overview of the many uses of earth and techniques for processing it. Strength Binding force The tensile resistance of loam in a plastic state is termed its “binding force.

This effect is significant in Kaolinite. Its properties and physical characteristics are described in informed and knowledgeable detail. It was used in several low-cost housing projects in Brazil.

The formation of shrink- age cracks can also be avoided when the mortar layer is thinner than usual. fernot

Building with Earth : Gernot Minke :

Given dry warm weather and sufficient air movement, shrinkage stops after just a few days. In modern earth con- gefnot technology, forced mixers are used. While this is first and foremost a technical book, the introductory chapter also provides the reader with a short survey on the history of earth architecture.

Thinning mediums In the ceramic industry, fluid thinning mediums are used to attain higher liquidity, thereby allowing less water to be used in order to reduce shrinkage.

It is frequently obtained direct- ly from the building site when excavating foundations or basements. In this case, it is advantageous to thin the loam with coarse sand.

It must be mentioned, however, that vapour diffusion is heavily reduced in these cases see chapter 2, p. However, if lime is added, this time lag has no negative influence on the final strength.


This technique is called pise de terre or terre pise in French; the Spanish names is barro apisonado or tapial; and the German words is Stampflehmbau. Compactability Compactability is the ability of earth to be compacted by static pressure or dynamic compaction so that its volume is reduced.

Building with Earth: Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture

If the ribbon breaks after only a few centimetres, the mixture has too little clay. With the highly mechanised techniques explained above see p. It is a wrong to assert that the height of each layer corresponds to the proportion of clay, silt, sand and gravel, as is claimed by many authors e.

Influence of heat The common perception that earth is a very good material for thermal insulation is unproven. Here, the block has to be immersed to a depth of 3 mm in water for 24 hours. This effect is more pro- nounced if a little lime is also added. Mineral stabilisers binders Cement Cement acts as a stabiliser against water, especially in soils with low clay content.

In order to obtain this optimum water content, samples with varying water contents are compacted in this way and their densities determined.

Bronze Age discoveries have established that in Germany earth was used as an infill in timber-framed houses or to seal walls made of tree trunks. Under certain conditions, plant mat- ter like straw can be added, provided it is dry and there is no danger of later deterio- ration see p.

In Australia, several firms are also using this type of highly mechanised construction process 5. As the figures show, it is possible to use either a simpler solution with a timber spacer on top fixed to the vertical members, thus forming a yoke, or a more sophisticated version made from steel, which also allows fine adjustments of distance at the top.

Porous mineral aggregates are called light- weight mineral loam. The top space is positioned above the top level of the wall and does not interfere with the process.


Structural measures The simplest method for reducing shrink- age cracks in earth building elements is to reduce their length and enhance drying time. The structure of these minerals is buildiny in 2.

It is the limit where shrinkage ceases to occur.

Gernot Minke

To see mminke your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Working with this material is fairly labori- ous. Loam is a mixture of clay, silt and sand, and sometimes contains larger aggregates like gravel and stones.

Engineering science defines its particles according to diameter: Furthermore, cement is more effective with Kaolinite and lime with Mont- morillonite.

Coarse aggregates like sand or gravel are added, increasing the compressive ewrth of the loam. At the BRL, a special test for loam surfaces was developed: Depending on which of the three components is dominant, we speak of a clayey, silty or sandy loam.

Pete Collings rated it really liked it Sep 05, If the soil contains too little clay, then clayey soil must be added, whereas if too much clay is pres- ent, sand is added. Mechanical slurrying In order to enrich a sandy soil with gednot or prepare a lightweight loam, slurry is usually required. This procedure is repeated until the threads begin to crumble at a diameter of 3 mm.

The data and experiences and the specific realisations of earth construction contained in this volume may be used as guidelines for a variety of construction processes and possible applications by engi- neers, architects, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and public policy-makers who find them- selves attempting, either from desire or necessity, to come to terms with humanity’s oldest building material.

As can be seen in 4.