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Cabezas colosales olmecas. Responsibility: Beatriz de la Fuente. Edition: 1. ed. Imprint: México, D.F.: El Colegio Nacional, Physical description: p. Jul 23, XI – Olmec – Las cabezas colosales olmecas son por lo menos diecisiete representaciones monumentales de piedra de cabezas humanas. Cyphers Anne «Las cabezas colosales», Arqueología Mexicana, II (12), pp. Escultura olmeca de San Lorenzo Tenochtitlán, UNAM, Mexico.

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While colosles is very possible, it is not demonstrable. In colosalws words, he suggests that the slabs as a whole were not originally carved for the basement wall against which they now stand, and probably come from different buildings or places. They are squatting and seem to support a very important helmet with both hands. The Olmecs developed monumental architecture and urban planning, and performed collective works that could have been produced only by strongly stratified societies.

For the Olmecs and other Mesoamerican peoples, beauty was also used to construct their identity. The spools have the form of a rounded square with a circular sunken central portion.

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The Campus History Series. The ears are wearing large flattened rings that overlap the straps; they probably represent jade ornaments of a type that have been recovered in the Olmec region. The face is carved with deep creases between the cheeks and the nose and around the mouth; the forehead is creased into a frown. San Lorenzo Monument Colossal Head 8″. Five of them are in Sala 1, one is in Sala 2, and one is in Patio 1.


File:Cabeza Colosal nº1 del Museo Xalapa.jpg

The characteristics of the sculpture have led to some investigators suggesting that it represents a deceased person. A in by Melgar. A and Q, La Cobata Mon.

This is misleading since severed coloswles are often shown open-eyed. Are they also evidence of mutilation? Rock was not removed from around the earspools as on other heads, and does not narrow towards the base.

Cabezas colosales olmecas in SearchWorks catalog

Society for American Archaeology. Straps descend in front of colosalfs ear and continue to the base of the monument. We may add that if we interpret the Monte Alto heads as severed trophies, there is every reason to consider caezas their Olmec forerunners. These emergence monuments are of two kinds; on one, the person emerging from a niche representing the maw of the earth monster with feline attributes holds on his lap a were-jaguar baby, while dignitaries are depicted in low-relief on the sides of the sculpture.

The features are those of a mature man, with wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and nose. On 12 January[] at least three people, including two Mexicans and one American, entered the Parque-Museo La Venta in Villahermosa and damaged just under 30 archaeological pieces, including the four La Venta colossal heads. Here ugliness is not expressed through the face features that are genuinely Mayan, but through the lack of symmetry of the whole composition, and the non-respect of proportions within every particular figure and between the figures themselves Robertson ; Greene Robertson Baker, Kenneth 6 October The following other wikis use this file: Some of the Olmecs’ rulers seem to have served religious functions.


Several authors such as Greene Robertsonp. The ear ornaments are complex and are larger at the front of the ear than at the back. Cyphers, Ann September—October The face is smiling and has wrinkles under the eyes and at the edge of the mouth.

It was installed in Belmopan at the roundabout facing the Embassy of Mexico. The La Cobata head is more or less rounded and measures 3 by 3 metres 9. Agrandir Original jpeg, 1,2M. Large parts of the monument seem to be roughed out without finished detail.

Abrasives were found in association with workshops at San Lorenzo, indicating their use in the finishing of fine detail. Sommaire – Document suivant. The base of the aquiline nose is in line with the flattened forehead, thanks to an artificial addition, clearly visible on many figurines.

According to Robertsonthese concepts had been already defined and used by Loewy The upper portion of the headdress is decorated with a U-shaped motif. The backs of the heads are often flat, as if the monuments were originally placed against a wall. The right hand earspool also appears incomplete; the forward portion is marked with a sculpted line while the rear portion has been sculpted in relief, probably indicating that the right cheek and eye area were also unfinished.