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06/10/ Cadimage Electrical | A plugin for ArchiCAD. GRAPHISOFT AU (http ://) | Cadimage UK. We’re currently migrating our Electrical articles to this new Knowledge Base. To access the old content please visit our old Knowledge Base. Before you start please ensure you have: ARCHICAD [Version] Installed, Cadimage Installer Installed & log in details.

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Mix and cadjmage from a generous palette of editable panel styles and handle types to create that unique look. The surfaces created maintain an automatic relationship to the primary elements, and whenever it is updated or changed, the attached 3D modelled objects update correspondingly.

To discuss your options, give us a call on the numbers below.

AUS NZ Railings can be associated with stairs, slabs or even electrocal, so that stairs can easily wind at varied widths and heights and open on to landings. Recruitment overview Skills assessment Solutions for employers Enquire now.


Add personality to your designs without restrictions on style, complexity or construction. The best solution is the one tailored to your needs. Solutions for candidates Job opportunities.

Discover the new series. Using the new library you can easily model flat and curved cupboard doors and drawer fronts.

Stair assemblies can be edited, labelled and output as if they were a single object. You can place a full note without any reference directly on a drawing, or place a reference key on the drawing and then Keynotes compiles a schedule of these notes.

Cadimage Electrical, tools provided by Central Innovation

Keynotes allows you to annotate your drawings quickly and simply with greater accuracy by providing a framework to create a database of notes or to transfer an existing database so that notes automatically attach to elements based on their attributes.

Online Store Software and hardware to design the future Shop now. With Cadimage Stairs, you have access to a range of individual components that allow for highly flexible stair configurations for both residential and commercial designs. The surfaces are represented in your 2D, 3D, section and elevation views and they even retain their correct proportions when object sizes are changed.


Design stairs with flexibility and freedom, straight onto your model.

Or fill in the form: Use just one highly-configurable object to model all your cabinetry, instead of having to use separate objects for each different cabinet type and shape. Six cores Safely overclocked to 4.