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| Sportelli sociali: orario periodo natalizio /14 vedi .. Dispersione, disabili, immigrati: gli interventi “sociali” del pacchetto scuola vedi. /14 risultano quasi pari al 4,2% degli iscritti totali. . adolescenza, hanno seguito parte del loro percorso scolastico nel nostro Paese e vi Toscana. 15,7. 16,0. 18,2. Emilia-Romagna. 8,9. 9,7. 16,8. Prov. Trento. 14,7 inizio è fissato dagli atenei nel secondo semestre dell’anno, sono definiti nel calendario. yearly . yearly . yearly T+ yearly .. toscana.

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Enforcement of European data protection standards in the Member States. Absorption of Community funds in the Member States. Effect of welfare cuts on individuals’ ability to gain access to social housing. Marine and maritime cooperation in the Mediterranean. EU monitoring of corruption in Croatia.

Protection of products with an application for protected calenario indication PGI or denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin DOCG status pending approval. Partial ban on certain pesticides neonicotinoids — risks to bees and birds.

Storage of passenger name records PNR. Central firearms register and illegal privately owned firearms. Pesticides harmful to health in France.

Incompatibility of the fiscal compact with the Treaty of Lisbon. Production of PDO buffalo-milk mozzarella in Campania. Investigations regarding new uncontrolled waste disposal sites in Greece. Compulsory retirement of Greek civil servants. Cohesion policy funding reprogrammed for the period in Greece. Financial instruments in support of SMEs. Educational infrastructure projects receiving support from cohesion policy funds in Greece. Institutional capacity-building programme in Greece supported by the ESF.

Water supply and waste water projects funded by Cohesion Policy. Project selection trends in the cohesion policy programming period. Mother forces daughter to become surrogate. Anti-dumping duties on the import of flat glass in Ukraine. National programmes for increasing the number of nearly zero-energy buildings.

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Inadequate internal height of means of transport for animals. Possible funding to enhance the archaeological heritage of the town of Anagni. Premature disclosure of inside information on the Cyprus bailout. Restrictions to the free movement of EU citizens in Switzerland. Right-wing violence and lack of police control in Greece. Negotiations for a treaty on books 20013-14 blind and visually impaired persons. Regional cooperation involving the outermost regions and the need to develop synergies between European funds.

  CEI EN 61936-1 PDF

Impact of the issuing of driver attestations for persons who are neither nationals nor long-term residents of the Member States. Offsetting of gambling losses against income tax. Surveys of vegetarians and vegetarian products. Safety at the time of the metro crash in Valencia. Italian tanneries and protectionist policies regarding raw material: Providing better services for premature babies.

Protection of animals during transport — Number of inspectors calendarjo FVO. Shortages of European baby milk powder due to huge rise in demand in China.

Bus competition and access to publicly funded bus stations and transport infrastructure in the Republic of Ireland.

calendario scolastico piemonte 2013 pdf

Everything But Arms agreement with Cambodia and human rights. State aid for rolling stock and freight train operators. Berco Spa crisis — employees likely to be made redundant.

Registration, identification and uncontrolled sales of pets. Territorial continuity and application of the maximum concessionary fare to EU citizens born in Sardinia who have emigrated from that region. Animal transport — necessary funds to increase the number of inspections. Seasonal closures of French power stations. Increase in VAT on medical products and devices. Problems faced by the Polish minority in Lithuania.

Limiting imports of drug precursors into the EU. Cancer treatment in the different EU Member States. Taking account of special circumstances in northern regions in the rail sector.

European Disability Strategy IPRED’s contribution to the harmonisation of the caleendario market. Permissible limits for citrus pulp in animal feed. Sharp rise in applications for asylum from Serbia and Macedonia. Exploitation of hydrocarbons in Alaska. Strategic guidelines for EU aquaculture. Proposed changes to school nutrition schemes. Likelihood that an association agreement will be signed with Ukraine.

Negotiations on the EU-US trade agreement. Small-scale fishing in the reform of the common fisheries policy CFP. Ban on videos showing decapitations. Uncertified artificial joints in France. Israel’s willingness to negotiate. Fracking in Spain and the Water Framework Directive. Reform of European legislation on seeds.


Impact assessment on the beneficial use of e-cigarettes. Redundancies among civil servants — a Greek sham. Long-distance transport of unbroken horses.

Seed shallots and traditional shallots. Smoking — increased risk of bowel cancer in women. New malaria-causing parasite in Cambodia. High-intensity physical training — possible health risks.

Legal action against the pharmaceutical company Novartis in the United States. Mediterranean diet — reducing the risk of developing memory problems. John Dalli case — Giovanni Kessler’s statement. Germany — Commission’s call for higher wages.

Protocol between European and African Courts of Auditors. Serious shortage of raw materials for the European tanning industry. Brazilian calendzrio — E. Aftermath of the Boston bombings — issue of video surveillance.

Boston bombings — European solidarity with the victims and the United States. Switzerland — restrictions to the free movement of EU citizens. Drought in southern Europe — impact assessment. Outermost regions — reinforcing territorial cooperation.

Public-private partnerships — passivity of the European authorities. Increasing food prices — social consequences. Effectiveness of measures to reduce health inequalities in the EU. Free movement of European citizens within the Union.

Legal status of the Fiscal Compact Treaty. Decision to allow fish farmers to czlendario their stocks with products from slaughtered chickens and pigs. Protection of Islamic manuscripts in Mali. Request for EU action to safeguard public. Review of the Payment Services Directive. Standardisation of particular use cases in HTML5. European funding for the opening and running of museums.

New tax rules for small-scale farmers in Portugal. Rice prices charged by supermarkets scolastivo Portugal. Proposal for a regulation on the marketing of plant propagating material.