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User Tutorial. CaliberRM. ™. Borland Software Corporation may have patents and/or pending patent applications covering subject matter in this document. Check out our youtube channel for new set of videos on Caliber, which will make you a Caliber pro in no time!. RequisitePRO RE-tool tutorial Group1 Office tools – 98 0, RequisitePRO CORE Evaluation scenario CaliberRM RE-tool tutorial.

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For example, the Business Specification requirement type may have the tag BS.

Caliber video tutorials

Type the description These requirements will constitute the functional requirements. Click here to create a new signature meaning. The Caliber Document Factory maintains the formatting specified in this case, bold and underlined when populating the document with requirement data. Select the Members of this baselines project option button.

Scroll through the document to the paragraph numbered 2, Continuous Operation. You then can lock this baseline, so you can compare the original tutoriql with the final requirements at a later date. If you do not include this command in your template, Document Factory prompts you to choose a project.

Caliber video tutorials

The text you linked to is displayed as the reference description. Step 2 of the Gutorial Type Creation Wizard is displayed. The requirement is moved and the hierarchical numbers are automatically updated. The Baseline Signature warning dialog box is displayed, verifying that you want to sign the baseline. Signatories can sign a baseline multiple times, however, once a signature is added it cannot be replaced or deleted. The wizard launches automatically when you create a new user-defined attribute.


It makes it easier for you to log on to multiple servers and to launch different programs from a single location. There are two ways to create a project: If you have not signed the baseline your tutoorial entry is the windows text color and bold.

CaliberRM Borland Tutorial

On this page, you can see the text Business Requirements. The Select Title for the Program screen is displayed. You can also create user-defined attributes, modify system attributes, and assign user-defined attributes to requirement types. Select the Signatories tab.

This is helpful for separating documents by requirement type or other criteria. For example, for each requirement type, there is a requirement numbered 1 whose children are numbered 1. When the template is complete, you can run Document Factory to populate the caliberr, with data from a project. A locked baseline cannot be managed or unlocked. To link a reference document to a tutogial You can now create functional requirements within the project.

Enter the following information in the fields specified: Your signature now appears in the Baseline Signatures window. Add program shortcuts as tools on the Toolbar, so you can easily locate and start those tools.

Borlands approach to enterprise requirements management is fundamentally different from the tools currently on the market. That option is selected by default when you install CaliberRM. Click the Save button to save the project. Only one project may be specified in a template. CaliberRMLinking Document Text Within a Reference35buttons are displayed at the bottom left side of the screen, and a Requirement menu is available in addition to the Word menus.


The Toolbar enables you to: On the Properties tab, type Original Version as the baseline name. To move the Balance Receipt requirement down one level, drag it on top of the requirement you want to be its parent.

To modify or delete a user-defined attribute, you can select it in the User-Defined Attributes dialog box and click the Edit or Delete button.

Using Caliber Import Factory to Import CaliberRM requirements from an Excel Spreadsheet

The Baseline Maintenance window is displayed. When the Comment dialog box is displayed, enter a comment about the change and click OK.

User-defined attributes can be one of 13 different types of data, including text, integer, date, boolean and users. This allows users xaliberrm only need to review requirements and participate in discussion to access the data through a Java-enabled browser. To link document text within a reference, Word tutirial be installed on the machine on which you are currently working. Select the last option button for the Create default access level, so other users can create requirements of this type.

Step 3 of the Requirement Type Creation Wizard is displayed.