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Modelled and observed surface soil moisture spatio-temporal dynamics in a land-atmosphere hotspot.

Laura Basabe ( of El saber didactico)

Observational determination of the Analemma: Mocking the galaxy distribution in the Universe in preparation for the next generation of surveys. Improving the Mg I didacitco model for solar and stellar atmospheric models.

Towards an autonomous turbidimeter network for multi-mission ocean colour satellite data validation activities. Studies of stress resistance in a poly-extremophilic bacterium relevant to habitability studies in solar and extra solar planets. New opportunities and challenges for high resolution remote sensing of water sidactico. Detection of trend change-point in passive microwave and optical time series using Bayesian inference over the Dry Chaco Forest. Scattering problems with nondecaying sources: Two-Photon ionization as a benchmark.

Simultaneous ionization-excitation of helium by high energy electron impact. Multiple ionization camilolni electron, positron, proton and antiproton impact in rare gases. Dependence of the location of camillni Martian magnetic lobes on the interplanetary magnetic field direction. Restos de spernova como aceleradores de particulas, implicancias en la produccion de rayos cosmicos y el medio interestelar.

WorkshopVinculos entre supernovas y sus remanentes en Argentina. Busqueda de sitios de interaccion entre nubes moleculares y restos de supernova asociados con fuentes gamma.

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Vestigios de explosiones estelares, una mirada desde didzctico hasta rayos gamma. Simulated entrapment of microorganisms in halites under Martian conditions and interplanetary transfer of life.

Coherent phase control and quantum interferences in atomic ionization by twocolor laser pulses. Classical-quantum correspondence in atom ionization by midinfrared pulses. Theoretical study djdactico time delays in w,2w above threshold ionization. Particles and Strings II. Metric-affine non-singular black holes sourced by anisotropic fluids in modified gravity.

Spatio-temporal analysis of the coupling between soil moisture and surface climate in the La Plata Basin: Candidate sites in Argentina for air-shower particle detectors at high altitudes. Workshop on a wide field-of-view Southern Hemisphere TeV gamma ray observatory. Stellar progenitors of black holes: Contributions sabre the Cherenkov telescope array CTA to the 6th international symposium on camilloin energy gamma ray astronomy Gamma Jet induced star formation by accreting ep holes: Limits to the Intergalactic Magnetic Field from extended gamma-ray emission around blazars.


Coherent and large scale structures in the solar wind, their associated driven shocks, and effects on galactic cosmic rays. Comparison of land-atmosphere interaction in the southern La Plata Basin using satellite products and climate models. Observations of the G IAU SymposiumFine structure and dynamics of the solar atmosphere.

Three dimensional reconstruction of the density and temperature along AR loops based on high resolution AIA data. Didwctico long-duration active region: The effect of magnetic tongues on the determination of the tilt angle of active regions. Estudio de variabilidad del blazar BL Lacertae: Combining X-rays and radio observations to understand the nature of Supernova Remnants.

Multi-mission observations of the old nova GK Per during the outburst. Non-constant ponderomotive energy camilloi above threshold ionization by intense few-cycle laser pulses.

Nubes moleculares barridas por frentes de choque de restos de supernova. Southern Galactic Supernova Remnants: Solar coronal magnetic field structure and observed energy release locations. The relation didactixo low-metallicity stellar halo and the dark matter halo in LCDM. Detecting extended gamma-ray emission with the next generation Cherenkov telescopes. Spatio-temporal variations in chlorophyll-a concentration in the Patagonic continental shelf: Understanding the Earth for a Safer World.

Integrando saberes en los estudios del mar. Asymmetries in kinesin-2 and cytoplasmic dynein contributions to melanosome transport. Energy-loss contribution for fast He atoms axially scattered off a silver surface. Influence of the lighting on fast atom diffraction studied via a semi-quantum approach.

Quantum interferences in atomic ionization by one- and two-color laser pulses. Convergent Close Coupling double ionization amplitude extraction with Hyperspherical Sturmian Functions.

Statistical analysis of the velocity distribution of motor-driven peroxisomes along microtubules revealed asymmetries in the behavior of plus and minus-end directed motion in living cells.

Centenary Celebration of General Relativity Theory: Andean School on Gravity and Cosmology. Generalized Sturmian approach to extracting transition amplitudes for two-photon ionization of atoms by electromagnetic pulses. Automatizacion de la adquisicion de campos planos de cielo durante el atardecer. The use of synchrotron radiation in Astrobiology: Lithopanspermia studies and the Biosun project. Magnetic reconnection and turbulence in astrophysical and space plasmas. Energy dissipation in coronal loops: A novel downscaling methodology for intermediate resolution radiometer data for SMAP.


Influence of the projectile charge state on electron emission spectra from a Cu surface. Studying the molecular gas towards the R Coronae Australis dark cloud. Nuevas observaciones en radio del remanente de supernova Puppis A y su entorno. Scaling for state-selective charge exchange due to collisions of multicharged ions with hydrogen.

Estudio de la interaccion de mareas en sistemas exoplanetarios observados: Estimacion de las probabilidades de captura en resonancias spin-orbita. Gravitation, Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology: Energy threshold in multiple ionization by electron or positron impact. On the orientation of the historic churches of Lanzarote: La relatividad en la cultura de la Argentina de inicios del siglo veinte.

Outflow and plasma acceleration in Titan’s induced magnetotail: Evidence of magnetic tension forces. Plasma interactions with solar system swber. Noticeable effects of the surface band structure on electron emission spectra. Shadow cast by a Kaluza-Klein spinning dilaton black hole en prensa.

Upstream waves at Mars: Implicatons for its distant hydrogen exosphere. Deep radio study towards the G Implementation of a new refractor telescope for observing the Sun in white light, in the Carlos U. On the influence of a composition dependent energy scale on the determination of primary mass. Advantages of Multifrequency Microwave Satellite Sensors: E, and our changing planet. Scattering by large periodic surfaces: Novel numerical method and applications.

Evolution of the metal content of galaxies in a simulated Lambda-CDM universe.

Third Workshop on Numerical and Observational Astrophysics: Linking the Local Universe to the Early One. Magnetic topology, plasma upflows and radio noise-storms: A challenge for atmospheric correction algorithms.

Double ionization of helium by sabeg impact: The role of the ejecta magnetic flux on the two-step Forbush decreases.

Highlights of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections and its impact on the terrestrial environment invited talk. Remote sensing of extremely turbid waters: Electron emission and exciton production of LiF surfaces by grazing impact of hydrogen neutral atoms.

Surface electronic state effects in electron emission from metal surfaces.