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Cancionero Rumbero now online. It’s not perfect but it is the best we can do at the moment, and hopefully with your help it will get better. volume; Manuscript. In 77, 79;SPC Note esclavos pg 6 of catalog # 43, 50 Cancionero Rumbero. unpublished, University of Georgia, New York, , Web . Cancionero rumbero. n.d. (accessed October 29, ). Canizares, Raúl. Walking with the Night: The Afro-Cuban World.

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¡Vamos a guarachar!

Yesterday, Tuesday 12th of Augustat approximately 1: He had been under dialysis for several years. On the cover belowPuntilla is rumbbero small man against the street lamp, canconero frozen stiff, his hands in the pockets of his leather coat. This cd is now completely out of print, even on the Latitudes website.

Beside these choral miracles, it contains many vocal duets between Emilio Barretto, many will find his non-traditional interpretations somewhat disturbing and one Amelita Pedroso demonstrating all her skillful and mastered chanting. More recently, in the early ‘s, Puntilla renewed contacts with rumberos of Havana for two new albums featuring pure rumba:.

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El Cancionero Rumbero

You’ll find most of the lyrics of this album on the Cancionero Rumbero blog. The musicians with Puntilla are: Unfortunately, many health problems began to bring Puntilla down, at the beginning of the ‘s.

His wonderful energy of the past began to fade, little by little; his magnificent voice got damaged, so did his hearing. All his fans began to feel pain, knowing that his damaged health altered his singing, something which had never occurred before. He went to Cuba many times to recover and get cured, and in January organized at his family home in Havana a great rumba. I was lucky enough to be there. Puntilla, who was wearing under his clothes an enormous bandage all around his belly did not sing, but before “despedir a todos,” he began “Mi Arere” just outside the front door, and then asked Ernesto Gatel to follow with “El Trovador”.

Puntilla’s role in the rumbero and santero world has always been wide, but he also played a part on the Latin Jazz scene: At home, children used to sing all day long: A thousand thanks to all who “posted” those. Posted by Patricio at Much appreciation and thanks to you for taking the time to do such a magnificent rumbeto to Orlando “Puntilla” Rios, detailing some of his life work and contributions.


He will be surely missed. Muchas gracias por compartirlo con todos! Puntilla was an inspirationto sooo many people during his time with us. I can still remember him making fun of himself wen i was growing canionero saying that one day he would have to look up to me and me down at him.

¡Vamos a guarachar!

He baptized me wen I was a baby and my dancionero is one of his very first ahijados in ocha. I remember him with great joy for all the good time we had and also with sadness wishing i could have spent more time with him and learned from him. Wednesday, August 13, Orlando “Puntilla” Rios: Photo from John Mason’s “Orin Oricha”.

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