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Buy The Carhullan Army by Sarah Hall from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. Winner of the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize England is in a state of environmental and economic crisis. Under the repressive regime of The Authority, citizens have . The Carhullan Army, By Sarah Hall. Gun-toting Amazons make a last stand for freedom in this futuristic fable. Reviewed by Rachel Hore.

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Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. It was neither amazing nor horrendous. She joins the elite csrhullan unit in its ever more violent and masochistic struggle to enter the “fresh red field” in whose “rich soil were growing all the flowers of war that history had never let srmy gather”.

But I think that Hall sees a lot more value in the latter than I do. Although the government is shown as being restrictive, cracking down on personal freedoms, we see nothing to indicate that it is actually abusive. Hall makes her survivalist women properly foulmouthed and uncouth. The last paragraph is really good though intentional echoes of Inigo Montoya? So the book just started to read like an overview of something that might be a story.

Although I felt a little uncomfortable when a girl of Indian origin is described as having ‘placid’ eyes and given a certain cal It’s a near-future or parallel-present dystopia. It was as if crhullan skin cqrhullan barely contain the essence of her. I liked the look at gender and violence in this book.

Review: The Carhullan Army by Sarah Hall | Books | The Guardian

Then, one book club member really thought of Jacky as being quite a cult leader, whereas to me she just read as someone applying pretty basic military habits to a difficult situation. The oil runs out. Hall is channeling that anger and fear for our future into open, violent rebellion.


I’m sure not having babies makes people sad, but starving to death feels a whole lot worse. Archives, The Carhullan Army is much concerned with law and violence: Sarah Hall is an old girl of the school I am working at currently. The plot ends prematurely too, with a skip and a gory blurt, as if overcome with despair at the inevitability of the outcome.

Daughters of the North

I wanted to like this, but it turned out very mediocre. Most of the reviews raved about the author and this book. This is a violent novel, strange and unsettling. The writing on the page was generally good. Here is what I think.

She is warmly welcomed, is made to feel part of the commune and she finds something useful to do. Jackie’s cruelty and singlemindedness are appalling but if the narrator’s account is true then the people of Rith do rise up in support. This, combined with the luminosity of the prose casting its light across an emotional and intellectual landscape as bracing as the fells themselves places The Carhullan Army at the vanguard of the new wave of futuristic dystopian literature.

Sarah Hall currently lives in North Carolina. They were mal-nourished and really only existed so the few hetero-sexual women could get a release include one woman who was married to one.

Twisted sisters

Sister yearns to go away from home and join this commune. Dystopian aemy is in vogue. But there were a lot of threads that bothered me, which I guess is a good thing – makes me engage carhllan the ideas a little deeper. Actually, I quite like it: I read quite a bit of dystopian fiction and neither writing nor carhullam struck me as outstanding here.


Jul 22, Jess rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jan 02, Sara rated it really liked it. A girl who will become known only as “Sister” escapes the confines of her repressive marriage to find an isolated group of women living as “un-officials” in Carhullan, a remote northern farm, where she must find out whether she has it in herself to become a rebel fighter.

Not enough characters were fleshed out, not even the narrator really. But as the charismatic, mercurial leader Jackie Nixon takes the narrator under her wing, it becomes clear this refuge is more fragile than it seems. He doesn’t threaten her with rape – but she acts like he does. This is a little book barely pages that packs a big punch. I really liked Hall’s style and the way she patterns her concerns and concepts cathullan the narrative fabric and hope she dabbles in borderline SF territory again.

In the once beautiful Lake District a group of determined and rebellious women have established their own settlement and militia, crhullan the regime of the Authority – but the nature of the community and its inhabitants might not be the one that Sister has expected. There were no long monologues and philosophical passages unrelated to the story with the plot getting the short shrift.

What would make them become militant?

She emerges from a brutal spell in solitary confinement to find a kind of Eden — women working together to carve a rugged life out of acrhullan harsh surroundings. There’s pretty much no dialog.