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Petite histoire de l’Afrique: L’Afrique du sud du Sahara de la Préhistoire à nos jours. 25 Aug by Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch. The Workers of Trade in Precolonial Africa CATHERINE COQUERY – VIDROVITCH PAUL E. LOVEJOY 9 2. T rade and Labor in Early Precolonial African History. African Women has 11 ratings and 2 reviews. Matthew said: This is an outstanding textbook and introduction to African Women’s History. The title suggests.

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There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Outside that kingdom the major slave markets at Tahoun on the western route and at Okeodan to the east supplied planters in those areas Newbury, T hey did not want to cagherine their work; they wanted to exchange it.

No trivia or quizzes yet. The commodities o f a less prosaic and elementary nature remained in the hands of the Gambari and of certain Yoruba merchants. Lovejoy 17 exploiting class. Th e abiremp on were the ric h a nd th e onihumonifo the poor; o th ers were d esc ribed as k onkonsofo o r m onlem onlanlli who were the d ispossessedthose who we re d egraded and of in fer io r sta t us.

A partir de ce moment il n’est plus question de “captifs” mais Ie nombre de porteurs gonflant soudainement ne peut tromper personne. These catheerine and teamsters- constituted the most ancient and one of the most massive forms of labor migration in African history.

This masterful synthesis explains how Africa has come to be a land torn by incessant conflict among its impoverished peoples and countries, a continent living through the gravest social revolution of its history, experiencing the world’s fastest demographic growth. Le role des anes est beau coup moins important entre Beyla et Boola que dans Ie reste du Soudanphenomene que les conditions sanitaires et geographiques expliquent aisement: The Portuguese crown was d quick to institute complete control over the gold and ivory trade.


The more easterly route, running north from Porto -Novo, had already been a casualty of the fall of Oyo in the early nineteenth century, and the railroad reduced its importance even further. But that is anot her but equally se exciting story.

For the transport of goods across the surf, some 40, tons o f goods were carried each way annually in colonial Dahomey at the end of the nineteen th cen tury; slightly smaller amounts were moved in Togo, and larger quantities were moved in Lagos. T he ev idence thus makes it appear that the roles of actherine and transporter were distinct, though it remains possible that large mercha nts may have owned fleets o f canoes.

The canoemen reacted in because the increased work load resulting catherinee the transport o f the materials for the construction of the fort at Anomabu was not accompanied by a parallel increase in their remuneration. Loads were often so heavy and so bulky that the canoes capsized, spoiling catherien he cargo and drown ing the passengers, most o f whom, unlike the canoemen, could not swim. The median figure is brought down because not all caravan members carried fu ll burdens- some drove animals, and the children in the caravans carried smaller loads.

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Histoire des villes d’Afrique Noire: Cquery disagreeable it is to me to be obliged to submit to the Caprice of the rascally Canoemen, I propose to land the Troops tomorrow morning. Ceci est un moyen d’accroitre consid erablement Ie volume du commerce puisqu’un ane porte en general 3 charges 70 a 80 kg et se contente de peu, I’inconvenient etant sa lenteur 16 km par jour en terrain accidente. In exchange for their labor and often under the gu ise of apprenticeship, youths were o nly fed and not paid.


Weide nfeld and Nico lson.

Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch

Autre restriction, et de taille, en Cambridge University P ress. De meme lorsq u’en la colonne ” captifs” reste vi de, peut-on en dedu ire qu ‘aucun porteur n’est dependant, que tous sont des salaries embauches o u des colponeurs-transporteurs et qu’aucun porteur n’ est un captif coquedy traite camoufle? To what extent did the development of trade promote individualism that derived from a new sense of professionalismand coauery this social change result in the emergence of “class consciousness” that was revealed through struggle over the terms of employment?

Afo nso de Albuquerque sent a message to Lisbon lauding the canoemen for their fait h ful service and expressed the view that when they are treated ” correctly ” they will “work long hours and carry out the coqyery wi th skill and care.

During th e prolonged Anglo-Dutch wars between andfo r example, the canoemen became seriously embr oiled in interna tional conflicts that spilled over to the various settlements on the coast.

Donkeys carried less than camels, and consequently the in put of labor was greater per unit of weight. The trade canoes moved at a speed of some five kilometers per hour, roughly twice th e speed catheeine porters. Indeed, to this day retired surfboatmen will glad ly take the visitor cafherine Elmina to a house, magnificently decorated, which is their asafo meeting place.

African Women: A Modern History by Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch

II s’agit bien d’une specialisation professionnelJe dont les listes de colporteurs permettent de saisir quelques principes d’organisation.

Permanences et ruptures Aux origines de notre temps French Edition. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.