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I am trying to download the Canadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System ( CFPAS) from. I copied the ‘word for word’ info into this thread from the CFPAS Handbook and Policy Directive. You sound like you are somewhat familiar with. 25 Department of National Defence, CFPAS CFPAS Handbook (Ottawa: DND Canada, ), But as they are described in the CFPAS Handbook, they.

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While leaders struggle to offer critical negative feedback, many individuals are unable to accept it. Instead, CAF members are supposed to be periodically counseled and candidly presented with a clear list of their strengths and areas of development. He explained that his supervisor had been directed to lower the scores he had assigned the grievor in a draft version of the PERa copy of which had been provided to the grievor.

Finally, having observed that the grievor provided no new evidence to justify any score increases, the Committee carefully reviewed the grievor’s original contested PER ratings and found that they were consistent with the PER narratives and the CFPAS Word Pictures and did not merit being increased.

Typically, there is not an immediate expectation of perfection. To better understand this cultural problem and how to fix it, this study will divide the cultural discussion into two areas: One tool, as posited by leadership and communications consultant Susan Scott, is to embrace the concept of a Fierce Conversationwhich involves delivering the truth in a clear, concise, and empathetic manner. Unfortunately, six key issues severely undermine the value of cfpass feedback generated from the CFPAS process.

He did, however, feel it necessary to identify one particular item for development. From a procedural perspective, the manner in which the Canadian Forces Personnel Hamdbook System CFPAS is employed does not necessarily promote the healthy exchange of critical negative feedback. The Committee found that the grievor’s PER should be based on the current reporting period and previous cfpaa were not relevant. Please select all that apply: How can change be elicited within the CAF leadership?

Indeed, CAF leaders must achieve balance with other key roles: While seemingly simple, this exchange does not occur often enough in the CAF due to a widespread aversion to delivering critical negative feedback. Constant role changes and promotions demand that CAF members learn new skills and progressively accept increased amounts of responsibility. Leaders at all levels must become comfortable in delivering critical negative feedback when and where required.


A recent survey of Hanndbook members revealed that nearly half the respondents experience some level of discomfort when receiving critical negative feedback. In many cases, instead of accepting the criticism, defensiveness and denial ensue, the message is lost, and a newfound contempt toward the supervisor takes hold. Other issue not in this list.

More importantly, the Committee found that the imposition of score controls by the branch was not permitted by the policy. Thank you for your help!

CFPAS — SEPFC Download – The CFPAS application contains specific procedures of CFPAS processes

I can’t find what I’m looking for. The grievor complained that his Personnel Evaluation Report PER scores should not have been lower than his previous assessment, and that his PER did not accurately reflect his performance and potential during the reporting period, failed to adequately recognize two letters handbopk appreciation, and was not administered in accordance with policy. Cf;as, Master Corporal Sampson was extremely uncomfortable or unable to receive honest, constructive and albeit negative feedback.

You will not receive a reply. At the other end lies critical negative feedback—feedback which reveals performance deficiencies and areas for improvement, which many find difficult to provide and dfpas.

CFPAS Handbook – Translation into French – examples English | Reverso Context

Lying to subordinates for fear of being labelled as an unkind or uncaring leader will not lead to changed behavior and cfpass not foster trust between leaders and subordinates. Another tool, as suggested by leadership consultants Goffe and Jones, is the idea of exercising tough empathy —that is, the delivery of the hard-to-hear truth in a timely and understanding manner—and ruthlessly applying it when building relationships with subordinates.

Categorizing areas of development and linking each of them to achievable goals and milestones is far more useful than merely presenting a list of observed deficiencies. Additionally, self-aware people, capable of recognizing and regulating their emotions, are better equipped for stifling their own negative emotional impulses as required.

He asserted that the PER was a marked departure from his previous evaluations and alleged that it was a veiled attempt handboo his branch to bar him from handbool promoted, and to engineer his removal from future Selection Board considerations.

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The Committee recommended that the Chief of the Defence Staff deny the grievance. Reinforcing the need for high-quality and concise writing, enforcing the delivery of PDRs at least quarterly, formal teaching of coaching techniques, and disciplining those who fail to invest the requisite time in developing their subordinates are just some ways in which the intended benefits of the CFPAS can be maximized.


The IA also found that the content of the two letters of appreciation received by the grievor was appropriately conveyed in the narrative of Section 4. A link, button or video is not working. After all, if something is important to the commander, then it will be important to the subordinate commanders and staff as well.

This entirely true story names cfpaas yields two key deductions. Failure to deliver critical negative feedback can lead to the wrong people being put into the wrong positions at the wrong time, thereby promoting the cycle of handhook mismanagement. This, according to Major Renault, was the right thing to do. It means enforcing a standard of fierce honesty in all conversations, and, for some people, eliminating confusing conversational escape mechanisms such as sarcasm, hansbook, jokes, retractions, and so on.

They will not only communicate with authenticity, which is the precondition for leadership, but they will also show that they are doing more than just playing a role. Finally, the limitations of the CFPAS must be acknowledged, and CAF leaders need to ensure that these same limitations do not steer them away from the delivery of critical negative feedback. Second, the subordinate must cfpae accept this critical feedback and earnestly endeavour handbolk change behavior such that noted deficiencies are overcome.

CAF leaders cannot simultaneously espouse mental toughness on the battlefield and show mental weakness with respect to personnel evaluation methods. For more information on accessing this file, please visit our help page. If constituents do not trust the messenger, then they certainly will not trust the message, which, in this case, is the critical negative feedback. While the organizational culture surrounding critical negative feedback is in need of change, there are some notable flaws within the CAF evaluation process that ultimately discourage the delivery of honest feedback.

Finally, with regards to grievor’s allegation of the intent of the chain of command to engineer his removal from future Selection Board considerations, the Committee found that the allegations, taken at face handbok, met the definition of harassment abuse of authority and therefore, the Committee recommended that an investigation be conducted.