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Eternal Treblinka has ratings and 32 reviews. I understood Charles Patterson argument, but I still think it is pretty inappropriate to compare the treatment of. The website maintained by Charles Patterson, author of “Eternal Treblinka” and other books. Charles Patterson, The Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust. New York: Lantern Books, , pp. Reviewed by Dr. Steven Best.

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Eternal Treblinka : Charles Patterson :

Charles Patterson’s “Eternal Treblinka” discusses the pattrson between society’s treatment of animals and the Holocaust. We see this as a blueprint for the destruction of the human race, for unless we stop this trend, there will always be those who believe that they can murder their way to the top, utilizing more and more powerful and efficient means I.

The good old days that so many romanticize were actually times of empire-induced poverty, not a natural or preferable condition. Oct 17, Melanee rated it it was pattegson Recommends it for: It’s now in 16 languages with Chinese, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, and Norwegian translations underway.

Patterson’s positions have been criticized by groups, namely Jewish anti-defamation and Holocaust memorial organizations. Patterson writes that slaves were even branded and castrated just as animals still are to this day. It’s been said that if most people had direct contact with the animals they consume, vegetarianism would soar, but history has yet to support this hope.

It was also strange that he constantly brings up the hypocrisy of Jews not caring about animals being treated as they were during the holocaust yet he never brings up the hypocrisy of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. The Treblinka Affair in Postwar France review “. Looking for beautiful books?

I hate eternak farming, vivisection labs, circuses, zoos, the way environmentalists routinely tranquilize wild animals to measure their genitals because clearly lack of data The connection between the treatment of animals and the treatment of people is an important chsrles but this book is basically just a bad piece of vegan propaganda. Eternal Treblinka looks at how we use language to vilify nonhuman animals, who in turn are invoked to justify our vilification of other human beings.


One meat inspector who worked at a “distress kill plant” in the Midwest described the plant as the end of the line for worn-out, sick, and crippled pigs: Adolf HItler was very impressed with the assembly line killing methods of the Chicago’s Union Stockyards and the production systems employed by Henry Ford, a Nazi supporter and believer in eugenics, which etsrnal Nazis used as an excuse to exterminate the “inferior” races.

Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust

Wikiquote has quotations related to: And for those in power, it is not hard to keep their victims under conditions that resemble animal pens, that dehumanize, and invoke farm comparisons. Our Tragic Relationship with Animals. Very informative book, looking at similarities between the Holocaust and how we treat animals now. Her foreword, the Preface and Afterword, excerpts from the book, chapter synopses, and an international list of supporters can be found on the book’s website at: I doubt this review will be When I added this book to my reading list, I deleted the notification Goodreads had sent to Facebook.

Would like to see an updated version with more modern studies comparing the mindsets of Nazi soldiers from the holocaust to slaughterhouse workers and the meat industry. Serial killer Ted Bundy said it wasn’t that he had no feelings of remorse towards his victims but that those feelings were weak and ephemeral compared to his rapacious emotions patterspn drives. This has been largely used by different treblinia to make their members neglect other people’s suffering and the injustices inflicted on them: Has Isaac Bashevis Singer’s philosophic vegetarianism had any effect on modern mainstream Jewish ideas and lifestyle?

I do not believe this. Feb 28, Derek Prine rated it really liked it.

When I first saw the title I rolled my eyes and thought of Godwin’s Law, but reading the actual description has opened my mind quite a bit Once the cold weather sets in you’ll be getting a goose now and again. After reading this book you never have to wonder again if holocaust comparisons in human treatment of animals are justified.


Growing up, Charlws sought to understand the endless bloodbaths that others took in stride, and worse. It’s division of labor, not everyone is good at everything, and the fact that I don’t want to see a living cow scream as she is hung upside down from a hook does not mean it is wrong, it just means I’m not cut out to work there. Bernstein – – University of Illinois Press.

egernal I don’t think that this book is using the Holocaust as an easy frame of reference and diverting attention away of the horrors of that particular period of history and the people that suffered from it. He studied at the Kent SchoolKent, Connecticut in the class of There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

I know this book has incredible potential to be extremely polarizing, considering that the title alone is drawing a metaphor between animal suffering and the Holocaust, a comparison that is pretty controversial and more than trelinka little condemning, and that condemnation is not without merit. In fact, in everyday’s language humans use animal names to insult or demean other human beings. Charles Patterson’s book is a warning to us all. Patterson is proficient in treblibka various subject such as English, social studies, and history.

All other creatures were created merely to provide him with food, pelts, to be tormented, exterminated. If we’re going to mass murder someone, let it be him. I doubt this review will be read much, or spark a discussion, but I’ll be happy to be surprised. Lists with This Book.