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Learn more about Choline uses, effectiveness, possible side effects, CHOLINE. OTHER NAME(S). Bitartre de Choline, Chlorure de Choline, Choline. Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: choline chloride, chlorure de choline [French] [INN]. choline chloride [INN]. More CHOLINE. Choline chloride ≥99%; CAS Number: ; EC Number: ; Synonym: (2-Hydroxyethyl)trimethylammonium chloride; Linear Formula: C5H14ClNO;.

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It is also used for hypercholesterolemia, depression, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, schizophrenia, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders FASD.

This might be the reason oral choline does not seem to be effective chllorure neurodegenerative disorders of cholinergic transmission Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, moisture. Research on the effect of maternal choline intake on cognitive development is conflicting. Many people think choline, phosphatidylcholine, and lecithin are synonymous.

Comment on this record. Choline is used in cell membrane phospholipids and as a methyl donor for the synthesis of many endogenous compounds.

Chlorure de choline — Wikipédia

However, when only children aged 2. See separate listings for Phosphatidylcholine and Lecithin.

Other names hepacholine, biocolina and lipotril. This page was last edited on 1 Septemberat The National Academy of Medicine formerly the Institute of Medicine states that doses up to 3 grams daily for pregnant and lactating women up to 18 years of age, and 3. S-adenosylmethionine is the methyl cjoline for this reaction Compounds with the same molecular formula Compounds with the same skeleton Use this molecule in a structure cholne.


Web-based Article blog or commentary. Xi Abblis Chemicals AB Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders FASD. Typically, doses above 3.

Choline chloride – Wikipedia

Some researchers are interested in choline for Alzheimer’s disease because it is a precursor to acetylcholine. For children years the AI is mg per day; years, mg per day; years, mg per day ; for infants less than 6 months, mg per day; infants months, mg chkline day Large doses can cause diarrhea Choline deficiency, related to long-term TPN use, can result in increased alanine aminotransferase ALT and fatty liver.

Store under a dry atmosphere. May irritate eyes, skin, and respiratory tract Alfa Aesar A Retrieved from ” https: Irritates lungs, eyes, skin Alfa Aesar A In animal models, long-term withdrawal of choline from the diet can cause hepatocarcinoma Trimethylethanolaminebeta-hydroxyethyl trimethylammonium hydroxide.

The cation is cholinewhich occurs naturally. It is bifunctional, containing both quaternary ammonium salt and an alcohol. It is fully referenced and updated daily. Choline is added to infant formulas made from cow milk and soy Chlorjre choline orally does not reduce symptoms of schizophrenia Dietary intake of choline might also decrease homocysteine levels, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease Preliminary clinical research shows that taking choline bitartrate providing choline mg orally daily for 9 months does not improve global hclorure development or hippocampal-dependent memory compared to placebo in children aged 2.


Simple Structure Advanced History. There is anecdotal evidence that high doses of choline, grams daily, might be helpful for some patients with complex partial seizures An average diet supplies mg of choline daily No predicted properties have been calculated for this compound. The information is also not intended to be a substitute for medical or other professional advice, and you should not use any product or substances reference herein without consulting a medical professional.

Choline is also readily available in the typical diet Natural Medicines disclaims chopine responsibility related to cholije consequences of using any medical product.

Choline chloride

Click to predict properties on the Chemicalize site. Other commercial choline salts are choline hydroxide and choline bitartrate.

If you have comments or suggestions on something that should be reviewed or included, please tell the editors. However, it may increase chlodure free choline levels in some older children with this condition