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CHOLESTEROL, MENSONGES ET PROPAGANDE, 2EME EDITION by DE LORGERIL MICHEL, , available at Book Depository with free. 20 sept. Non seulement le cholestérol n’est probablement pas cet ennemi universel de la santé cardiovasculaire, mais c’est même tout le contraire. Michel de Lorgeril, Cholestérol Mensonges et Propagande, Editions Thierry Souccar Michel de Lorgeril, Dites à votre médecin que le cholestérol est innocent.

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I was poking around looking at all of the studies mensnge Statin drugs and found something interesting. Alcohol advertising on college campuses Alcohol-free choldsterol definition controversy Alcohol self-medication Native Americans Binge drinking 0. BTW, de Lorgeril has more on his website including replies to Dr. Some studies have reported changes in memory, attention, or concentration on statins.

I have read so much information in the last 11 years which contradicts everything I thought I knew about cardiovascular risk. It made me really sad to read your story but I do want to thank you for sharing it with us. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

However, statins are not without side effects, therefore we have to be sure that the risk of harm does not outweigh the presumed benefits.

A bit further in time, I started to notice that I propagadne losing grip strength in my hands. Although adverse effects of such a serious nature occur rarely I fear we will see them more often in the future considering the huge number of people that are being prescribed statin drugs today.

I was eventually evaluated and had an MRI of the brain, revealing multiple scattered lesions, throughout the grey and white matter, and a presumptive diagnosis was Multiple Sclerosis.



Notify me of follow-up comments by email. There is a lack of medical consensus about whether cho,esterol consumption of beer, wine, or distilled spirits has a stronger association with longevity.

You are right BUT don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. I appreciate also that you gave the time line and dosage for your ills.

French paradox

I forgot why I opened the refrigerator door. I do mensnoge trust the closed minds of the medical profession and certainly not the drug companies. We as patients, entrust our lives to our physicians. Straight leg raise is 45 degrees bilaterally. Then I noticed sore muscles and later started having bad muscle spasms in my hands, feet and legs. I had a knot that popped up one night like a balloon under the skin on my left foot just above the leaders to my toes.

I don’t think a blanket statement is helpful to decide the course of action each of us should consider.

Le cholestérol est innocent ! La problématique du cholestérol- Dr Michel de Lorgeril

You are perfectly right. I took 20mg of statins for about 2 years. Finally, 3 and the case of Taylor et al And have not seen the Dr.

In addition, these hydrogenated fats include small quantities of trans fats which may have associated health risks. When the UCSD Statin Effects Study had begun, my wife pripagande with me to enroll, and I assured her, that I knew everything there was to know about Statins, and my lipitor use had nothing to do with my illness and disability. Doctors wont recognise the side effects as caused by the statins.


The prognosis is that I will eventually end up in a wheel-chair. NO side effects at all. With the US and UK guidelines on the prevention of cardiovascular disease, tens of millions of healthy people over the world will find themselves prescribed with statins.

St the word and get off of these meds. So all in all I will have another stroke if I dont menxonge my Blood pressure mensongr blood thinner medication.

Sorry to hear about your cancer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. This site uses cookies: Around seven million people take statins in Britain, a figure that could rise to 12 million under draft NHS guidelines, currently out for consultation, which will advise the majority of men over 50 and women over 60 to take the drug as a precaution. InSerge Renaud, a scientist from Bordeaux UniversityFrance—considered today the father of the phrase—presented the results of his scientific study into the term and actual scientific data behind the perception of the phrase.

Once you complete registering for cholesteroll Support Network, the survey will be available to you.

French paradox – Wikipedia

Consumption of animal fat and serum cholesterol concentrations increased only recently in France but did so decades ago in Britain. Changing to another statin drug may sometimes help as well. Retrieved 8 June