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THERMAL INSULATION OF PIPING. (WITH AMENDMENTS / SUPPLEMENTS. TO THE CINI HANDBOOK). Document nr.: PIP – This specification has. atta&ible with thermal insulation in building wall and piping . This handbook of thermal insulation applications vas prepared by EM4C. ducts and steam pipe systems with operating temperatures that are constantly above °C. CINI Manual “Insulation for industries”. CINI recommends applying .

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These couplings are furnished with restraint rings that, when affixed More information.

The work covered under this section consists of the furnishing of all necessary labor, supervision, materials, equipment, and insulxtion to completely execute the. The EPDM foil protects the multiplex foil against mechanical damage. Chapter 2 Basis of design and materials Chapter 2 Basis of design and materials 2. All of these questions will be answered More information. Stilling Well Recommendations White Paper June 24, Stilling Well Recommendations This document describes general requirements for stilling wells used for radar tank gauging applications.

The heat gain heat ingress for piping in off-plot areas shall be determined by the Principal. Once-through cooling needs large natural bodies of water More information. Spacers shall be fastened securely by means of stainless steel bands, filament tape or glue. Category System and Material Guidance 1 Note: September Page 1 of 12 Part 1 General 1.

CINI revises its insulation manual and includes ULTIMATE

In the plant construction or process plants such as chemical, petrochemical, gas or power plants various disciplines are brought into contact and built on each other.

All materials More information. Since a large insulation thickness may result in considerable extra capital costs for pipe bridges, civil hanrbook, etc. TICP and shall be subject to the approval of the Principal. The word should indicates a recommendation. In particular, for those requirements not specifically covered, the Principal will expect them to follow those design and engineering practices which will achieve the same level of integrity as reflected in the DEPs.


Chapter 2 Basis of design and materials 2.

CINI revises its insulation manual and includes ULTIMATE

Fabrication, furnishing and installation of chain link fence, chain link gates, and extension brackets with barbed wire. The jacketing shall provide protection against water and weather, fire if requiredoil spillage, mechanical wear or other damage. For smaller pipe diameters metal jacketing is not recommended. The phenomenon of CUI is often underestimated, as it will occur years after completion of a project. The work covered under this section consists of the furnishing of all necessary labor, supervision, materials, equipment, and services to completely execute the More information.

Circumferential joints between segments in adjacent lengths of pre-formed rigid insulation shall also be staggered. If metal jacketing is used, sufficient space and drainage handbiok be provided to avoid internal accumulation of water caused by condensation, water vapour diffusion, capillary action and water ingress.

Hqndbook site conditions e. Also acoustic insulation is included. More than sketches provide details for insulation and finishing of pipelines, fittings, supports, columns, vessels, heat exchangers, tanks etc. The maximum stresses in dini foam shall be limited to 0. The CINI Manual provides the minimum requirements to achieve optimal insulation by a correct design and application of insulation systems, listing several materials and the associated installation and finishing instructions.

If frequent removal is needed, covers shall be provided with quick-release toggles that shall be locked when installed. The system of DEPs is expected to be sufficiently flexible to allow individual operating companies to adapt the information set forth in DEPs to their own environment and requirements. As an alternative non-contact insulation may be considered as indicated in Appendix 3 and 5.

The metal jacket mould shall be installed with overlaps of at least 50 mm vini the preformed spacers insulqtion temporary bands; vapour barrier jacketing shall be installed with bands and with all joints and overlaps sealed. They support petrochemical plant, More information. Fixed costs, such as scaffolding and metal surface preparation cost, shall not be included.


Roof coverings More information.

Introduction The coating of profiled sheet roofs in order to extend the waterproofing life of such structures has long More information. This is a general specification guide, intended to be used by experienced construction professionals, in conjunction with good construction practice and professional judgment. The material shall be either moulds of applicable sizes or cut from bun stock. Between the acoustic insulation and the jacketing a vapour barrier shall be provided that includes a heavy duty multiplex foil, covered with a UV curable GRP.

In hot insulation applications blankets shall only be used for shapes for which pre-formed pipe sections are not available. Due to practical selection diagrams, the user is able to quickly select the appropriate insulation materials as well as the correct finishing material. Section includes, but is not limited to, design and furnishing portable davits, davit sleeves, dvit bases, four 4 removable outriggers, More information.

All insulation products shall More information. Before the insulation is applied, the surface to be insulated shall be clean and dry. Most of these items are covered in this DEP.

If required, metal screens or fencing alone shall be designed and provided. When DEPs are applied, a Management of Change MOC process should be implemented; this is of particular importance when existing facilities are to be modified. Shell Global Solutions Hanndbook B. Insulation adjacent to flanges in piping and equipment shall be terminated to allow removal of bolts without damage to iinsulation insulation.

Neither the whole nor any part of this document may be disclosed to any third party without the prior written consent of Shell International Oil Products B. Specification for precast concrete blocks Part 5: