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Where can I locate the users manual for the Cisco Explorer HDC DVR? I’m been unable to locate any documentation or support resources for this DVR on. Cisco HDC Cable DVR T : Industrial & Scientific. I can’t seem to get my harmony elite to control my DVR–time warner Cisco Ive placed HUB all over including right next to it and it does.

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Thanks for your help. Is there anyway to set my volume control to Variable for the volume control rather than fixed? Any help or ideas are appreciated. I tried near the led clock as suggested 874, but it still does not respond…. The box cisfo crazy kept changing channels and rebooting itself until repairs were made to the line. The time appears in blue? Also if anyone has access to a manual, or any other documentation for this box please contact me.

Any idea if there is a way to activate the multi-room function on our own? I suspect the box needs to go thru some cidco setup where HD defaults are set for using with the TV but I havent found any doc on being able to do this. Will check back with comments in a week or so. I get the same thing. Thanks for this review, and the accompanying comments.

Users manual for Explorer HDC DVR – Cisco Community

Any help is much appreciated. A very difficult color to read. By the way, for others reading this wondering about upgrading their older box, I would highly recommend it if you have the opportunity. Technician said they are sensitive to the signal they receive and the booster caused the issue. Has anyone had any success using the firewire port on the back? The box runs very cool and quiet which should provide a long life for the hardware, especially the hard drive.


It would be very helpful to us.

Cisco HDC Manuals

Or add an expander? My TWC remote has failed to communicate with the box. I actually got a second box and tried to swap the HD from m box with the new one to see if it could access the HD contents, but this did not work either.

Old box would show info of the recorded show I was watching as well as a time-line showing the progress i. All TWC divisions will deploy this guide at one point or another, so it is coming. It deletes shows, switches to HDTV guide which renders regular tv recorded series null. Meanwhile, are we stuck with these boxes and is their a way to change the color of the time display?

After setting up the HD parms. I have also had two different type boxes set to record same shows and had same problems from both boxes for issues in past. When I reboot by unplugging the power the show starts recording but of course the show is now missing the first several minutes.

I was wondering if the unit has radio receiver capability as I have noticed this mostly occurs when my neighbors are mostly home and ceases when they are not. A trick to find out if the tv is the source of the interference is to change the settings on the cable box to show the tuned channel rather than the clock.

I just dread trying to get another one. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is good as they can communicate between each other and I 8472 play recordings at either location, regardless of which box it is physically stored on.


I tried your method: However, I think it uses the same or similar software. Everything I try to look at it with says it is unrecognized.

Is your cable provider Time Warner Cable? On recorded shows, I get sound dropouts that last seconds at about the same frequency.

Not sure, but considering the CISCO box is a much more powerful box and has amazing functions, we are surprised that the Swap function is so poorly designed. Are you sure the cable you have is HDMI and not a different type?

TWC customer service has been useless…. Changing the channel and then back to that same channel works because you are requesting the channel again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Lots of useful info. Page 30 of the manufacture diagnostics displays the current OpenCable middleware image loaded on the box. In sleep mode power usage drops down to about 18 watts.

Cisco 8742HDC Manuals

If so, where is the antenna and how do I disable it? Has anyone found a workaround or a fix?

Maybe some other readers can comment on these problems. It then finished and the on-demand movie played. Is there an alternative method?

Silly mistake on my part. I have reset the remote to factory settings, tried other remotes that work with the other boxes, etc.