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INFORMATION, AND RECOMMENDATIONS IN THIS MANUAL ARE BELIEVED TO BE . interface configuration command to instruct EIGRP to use the received . Therefore, to connect disparate EIGRP sites, you must configure the neighbor command with LISP encapsulation on every CE in the network. Cisco Nexus Series NX-OS Unicast Routing Configuration Guide, .. The { ip | ipv6} passive-interface eigrp command suppresses neighbors from forming.

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It can be applied to external type 2 and external type 1 routes but configuratlon to intra-area and interarea routes. The subnet is reachable via next-hop link-local IPv6 address FE Change number of multiple routes to same subnet router configuration mode.

The subnet has one successor, which has an FD feasible distance of Router config-router passive-interface default Prevents the sending of hello packets egrp all interfaces.

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See All Related Articles. Austin config-router eigrp log-neighbor-changes Changes with neighbors will be displayed. Function EIGRPv4 EIGRPv6 Create routing process and assign ASN global configuration mode configuraton eigrp asn ipv6 router eigrp asn Define router ID explicitly router configuration mode eigrp router-id rid eigrp router-id rid Change number of multiple routes to same subnet router configuration mode maximum-paths num maximum-paths num Set the variance router configuration mode variance multiplier variance multiplier Set interface bandwidth and delay to influence metric calculation interface configuration mode bandwidth value delay value bandwidth value delay value Change hello and hold timers interface configuration mode ip hello-interval eigrp asn time ip hold-time eigrp asn time ipv6 hello-interval eigrp asn confoguration ipv6 hold-time eigrp asn time Enable EIGRP on an interface network ip [ vommand ] router configuration mode ipv6 eigrp asn interface configuration mode.


Advertises cimmand connected networks classful address only. Houston config exit Returns to privileged mode. Figure shows the network topology for the configuration that follows, which demonstrates how to control redistribution with an outbound distribute list using the commands covered in this chapter.

For instance, you could have two routers advertise the same network— See All Related Articles. The default is four. Router config-router passive-interface default.

EIGRP configuration

You can use the show ipv6 protocols command to list all EIGRPv6-enabled interfaces including passive interfaces.

Austin config-keychain key 1 Identifies the key number.

See All Related Articles. Austin config-router no auto-summary Disables auto-summarization.

EIGRP configuration

Austin copy running-config startup-config. Austin config-if ip authentication key-chain eigrp clsco. However, if the parameters do not match, the two routers do not become neighbors and do not add each other to the EIGRPv6 neighbor table, listed by the show ipv6 eigrp neighbors command.

An administrative distance of 75 is assigned to this summary route. NOTE If a path is not a feasible successor, it is not used in load balancing. Creates a standard ACL number 30 and explicitly permits the Without it, an administrative distance of 5 is automatically applied to the summary route.

Identifies a key chain name, which must match the name configured in interface configuration mode. Router config router eigrp Creates routing process Router config-router network Austin config-keychain-key accept-lifetime A basic requirement of link-state routing protocols is that routers in an area must have identical LSDBs.


R1 show ipv6 route The commands used to set these parameters have to be used in global configuration mode. As a result, networks Instructs the router to include routes with a metric less than or equal to n times the minimum metric route for that destination, where n is the number specified by the variance command. The show ipv6 eigrp topology command provides more detailed topology information about the subnet, as shown below:.

The show ipv6 eigrp neighbors command lists each neighbor using link-local IPv6 address along with local interface. Once two EIGRPv6 routers become neighbors, they should exchange all appropriate network topology information. Please keep in mind that even if only one of the two routers has a passive interface, the neighbor relationship will fail. Austin config-keychain-key key-string tower Identifies the key string. When you enable EIGRPv6 on an interface using the ipv6 eigrp asn command, the router would start discovering neighbors off that interface.

The list is pretty short:. Houston copy running-config startup-config. Houston config-router eigrp log-neighbor-changes. Houston config-router key chain eddie Identifies a key chain name, which must match the name configured in interface configuration mode. Houston config-keychain-key send-lifetime Enable IPv6 routing using ipv6 unicast-routing command. EIGRPv6 troubleshooting mostly revolves around neighbor relationships and the reasons preventing those relationships from happening.