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Civilization IV is a turn-based strategy computer game and the fourth installment of the Civilization series. It was designed by Soren Johnson under the direction. INTRODUCTION. Welcome to Sid Meier’s Civilization IVĀ®, the game in which you match wits against the greatest leaders of all time in a bat- tle of warfare. Civilization V CIVILOPEDIA ONLINE. Civilopedia Home Page. “Such is the patriot’s boast, November 4, – Fixed missing Korean text. November 1.

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Also, the respective cathedrals of each religion have different resources that aid in their construction, although are not necessary. Archived from the original CFM on 22 April When the game starts, however, it chooses random locations to place across a predefined square grid map.

Civilizations gradually advance in technology based on their own production of civolopedia and sometimes the work of Great People.


The concept of separate religions is new to Civilization IV. Colonization also has missionaries, spreading their version of Christianity. Break described the campaign as “hilarious”, [22] while Kotaku described it as a “great promotional campaign” that “comes across as terrifyingly realistic”.

Archived from the original on 30 July Archived from the original on December 25, If a player is the first to discover a certain religion on the tech tree, they can “found” the new religion; a city with no religion or the newest city in that civilization’s empire becomes that religion’s holy city. For instance, they can add new unit or building types, change the cost of wonders, or add new civilizations.

Archived from the original on 21 July In addition to this, an “official” website was created by 2K Games with extra content.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Complete Edition available across North America”. Archived from the original PHP on 6 May Archived from the original on 26 November Turn-based strategy4X. Archived from the original PDF on 10 September For example, if the player is building a temple but decides to switch to a harbor, production on the harbor will have to start from scratch.



The kit allows players to view, modify, or completely re-write the game’s DLL source code, enabling the modification of the game’s AI and other integral parts of the game. The release of Civilization IV did not go smoothly.

FishingThe Wheel. Archived from the original on 18 June Each unit can gain experience through combat, which later translates into experience points that the player can use to assign military units new bonuses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Below is a summary of each civilization’s capital and unique features.

More game attributes are stored in XML files, which must be edited with an external civllopedia editor or application.

Civilopecia, the temple stays in the building queue and retains its previous progress, aside from some decay over time. Apart from this they also have to handle their diplomatic relations with rivals and their continuing quest for exploration and new resources. The version of Python present in the Windows version of the game differs from the version in Mac OS X up to and including version Retrieved September 19, Buildings perform any number of different functions depending on building type; for example, early buildings such as granaries improve food storage to boost the city’s growth and barracks produce better military units, while later buildings such as factories can be made to increase general production levels.

Contents [ show ]. As with other games in the series, there are by default five objectives the player can pursue in order to finish the game: On September 20,Firaxis Games senior producer Barry Caudill stated that “[e]diting these files will allow players to tweak simple game rules and change or add content. All civilizations also have a unique unit which can be military such as Persian Immortals or economic such as Indian Fast Workers.


Religion plays a much more important role in Civilization IV than in the previous installments of the franchise. The released version of the game abandoned Civilization III ‘s graded scale. Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association. civilopecia

Civilization IV: Online Civilopedia

In the later game, this connection can be through ocean tiles, but in the early game, it is limited to roads and rivers. Civilization IV is a turn-based game in which the player builds an empire from scratch. Civs that share a common state religion will be friendly in their diplomatic dealings; conversely, civs with differing state religions will be hostile to each other.

AgricultureThe Wheel. As in prior civilopedla of Civilization, there are technologies for the civilizations to discover. The game can be played in multiple modes: Civilization IV won multiple awards at various events and gaming websites.

If multiple paths lead to the target tech, the civilization will pick the shortest. Another important concept in the game, not present in the earliest games in the series, is the growth of culture, which expands one’s cultural borders and can also cause one’s culture to infiltrate into another civilization’s, sometimes causing a city to rebel against its current owner.

Archived from the original on 20 January Archived from the original on 8 January Multiplayer games involving both versions of the game work, but require the use of one civilopedja the multiplayer options other than “Internet Play” due to the incompatible formats used by the two platforms. Archived from the original on 22 February Retrieved 27 December