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CMake: build system generator. CPack: package generator. CTest: systematic test driver. CDash: a dashboard collector. 3 / CMake tutorial. introductions and files to use CMake for building projects nice tutorial!!! struglling to get clean and simple understanding of. What is CMake? According to CMake’s creators, Kitware, CMake is an open- source cross platform build system. This is not completely accurate.

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Keep up the awesome work, sir! Generators that do only support a single configuration like Unix Makefiles work differently.

Introduction to CMake by Example

Have a question about the part about using the library: The final CMakeLists files can be very clear and straightforward, because each is so limited in scope. Derek Molloy Thanks a ton for sucha user friendly and simple tutorial!

It will only be built if we add a dependency to it. CMake is a cross-platform tool; the idea is to have a single definition of how the project is built – which translates into specific build definitions for any supported platform.

Use the same steps as before to build the static library, and you will see the output as follows: We can follow the same procedure in cmxke above example to build our project. You can make use of them in your CMake tutorrial without having to re-write their build scripts. Instead of building from multiple source files, we can first deploy foo. Cmmake look for a build system to make it simpler.


It perfectly worked for me. Hey I tried the second example and it wouldnt work. Instead of a static library we can build a shared lib as well:. To run the build script you can simply use the Makefile:. For this example, I wish to place all of the build files in the build directory, which is achieved very simply by calling the cmake program from within the build directory, as follows: While CMake enjoys increasing interestthere are still deytsch of libraries using native build systems like Unix Makefiles.

Am I missing something. Does this example work for windows also…i.

CMake by Example

To start a build we create a new folder:. Build a library or an executable out of some of the source files in this directory.

On Linux run the binary from a terminal. In our case we gutorial to make use of the luajit library which is built using a Makefile.

Version Release Date 3. The main program would reside in the same project as the shared libraries. Some would give very complicated use case with the equally complicated CMakeLists.


Some generators like Visual Studio support multiple configurations. Thats all we need to be able to build our app with any of the tutoriial generators. For single-config generators switching the configuration requires re-running CMake.

This example shows how to deploy the “Hello World” program as a library and how to link it with other targets.

CMake by Example – Mirko Kiefer’s blog

Would be very helpful. I would like to know how to use cmake for a project with multiple modules or subdirectories. A subsequent build is likely to overwrite object files produced by the earlier configuration.

Define variables that the buildsystem will use in this directory, and in its subdirectories. It is just beyond my comprehension.

Head over to CMake download page and get a binary for your operating system, e. I followed the instructions and have an include, src, build and all the files.