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Dear Reader, Fortuna evidently was smiling upon my being when I endeavored to undertake the consumption of this philosophical masterpiece.

So I always thought this was written by a contemporary of Jonathan Swift’s. View all comments.

But Fortuna being the degenerate wanton tooe she can sometimes be, was in a mood to play a cruel joke on him. It was my buddy Colin who picked the book.

A Confederacy of Dunces

Miniver Cheevy, born too late, Scratched his head and kept on thinking; Miniver coughed, and called it fate, And kept on drinking. Had it been a short novel, I might have had patience for the silly main character, his mother complaining on the phone and all the rest, but to carry on for over pages seriously annoyed me.

A song performed by The Preservation Hall Jazz Band would provide excellent background necips. Poor guy didn’t have an option but to put the book down. Slapstick, not irony or sarcasm, is the method to capture the audience here. Description Classic novel by Conjira, with this book he became one of the greatest american novelists and won The Pullitzer prize with it too.

La Conjura de Los Necios : John Kennedy Toole :

These three aspects of Ignatius’ life and personality work their tlole to some sort of resolution at the end of kdnnedy book. But I hated everyone in it. He must have been enjoying it immensely, because he kept laughing out loud every now and then. Infuences Much has been written kenbedy the influences on the novel.


Women would have wanted to sleep with me John Kennedy Toole committed suicide innever seeing his novel in print. But to its credit, Dunces has some redemption, some easy to find, other examples more subtle. No one loves them, just the odd post-grad creep scribbling a note in the margins of something unreadable. He had no idea that his character would become a descriptive term that even people who have never read the book will use in conversation, in some cases, without knowing the origin.

Thirty years later, Ignatius is no longer a caricature but a portrait.

Having read it only a week earlier, I could understand that he wasn’t a nutcase. Reilly can stand her own ground, while still being a mother who loves her son, Gus Levy has excorsied the demons from his past and seems able to meet future challenges head on.

Her relationship with Ignatius continues by correspondence. It just sounded all of the wrong notes for me.

La Conjura de Los Necios

And it felt bloody freeing, even if I’ll never get the closure of punching Ignatius right in his stupid, Vaselined mustache. Aug 01, Lyn rated it really liked it. Toole’s Ignatius is intellectualism gone wrong. After our book club disassembled, I didn’t hear from Colin for awhile.

A Confederacy of Dunces keeps my faith in books in ways that few other novels can. I was like that for a few years before I read the book, but more importantly I sniffed around ineffectually for the first pages and could easily have blamed the book for my lack of engagement. Eventually, the others got tired, their attention drawn by the frozen pizza and beer. Seeing as I am, however reluctantly, kenneedy of the generation that feels unsettlingly naked without one’s phone, my phone goes almost everywhere with me — and now, so does my Kindle’s vast treasury of reading material.


A Confederacy of Dunces 19 Aug 30, Get a copy of this book and get set for one of best literary rides of your life. Certainly it was no mere accident; indeed it must have been a result of ksnnedy imparted by the goddess herself Dear Reader, Fortuna evidently was smiling upon my being when I endeavored to undertake the consumption of this philosophical masterpiece.

He has constructed his own medieval world-view by which he judges everything and everybody around him. It’s not that I don’t love my Kindle because I do, to an almost psychotic extent. So I don’t work for less than no minimal wage no more.

Perhaps the actress playing your humble reviewer could be seated at a table at the Cafe du Monde, enjoying a cafe au lait and plate of beignets. The Importance of Ndcios Earnest On the way, Toole has lots of fun with his subject matter and influences.

His evident intelligence, his publishing failures, and his depression clearly combined to lead him to his unfortunate end. In the beginning, I was afraid that it was going to be like a bowl of two kilos of green jelly that was just too rich or disgusting to finish.