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Cordia dodecandra in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. Color/Appearance: Color ranges from medium to dark brown, sometimes with either a green or purple hue, with darker bands of black growth rings intermixed. It’s the Ciricote, CORDIA DODECANDRA, a member of the Borage Family, in which we also find Bluebells, Forget-me-nots, Comfrey and Borage itself.

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The following other wikis use this file: Ziricote is reported to be naturally resistant to decay. The light brown sapwood is easily distinguished from the decorative heartwood, which is dark red-brown with black streaking. Polyurethane, varnish, lacquer, shellac, oils, wax?????

The wood is heavy, averaging out at around kilograms per cubic meter 53 lbs per cubic ftand is naturally very resistant to decay and rot, making it a durable hardwood. This is a very beautiful wood. It contains about species of shrubs and treesthat are found worldwide, mostly in warmer regions. Retrieved from ” https: Discussion Both Cordia dodecandra and C.

Ten flowers per plant were randomly selected and dissected to measure twelve morphological traits Figure 1Table 1 with a digital vernier 0. Bert June 20, at 9: Population-level variation in the expression of heterostyly in three species of Rubiaceae: The leaves are oval, up to to 15 cm 6 in long, dull green with a rough sandpaper-like texture and are deciduous, falling off the tree during the dry season, which coincides with winter in its native range.

Uses of tropical deciduous forest species by the Yucatecan Maya. Ziricote has a mild, characteristic scent while being worked, somewhat similar to the smell of Pau Ferro. Use only anhydrous alcohol if you prepare the shellac from flakes. The generic name honours German botanist and pharmacist Valerius Cordus Fruit production was estimated as the proportion of flowers forming fruit at maturity for each pollination treatment.


Views View Edit History. For the automobile, see Mitsubishi Cordia. Because of the darkness of Ziricote, almost any other wood contrasts well. It is valued for making high-end furniture, decorative veneer, musical instruments especially guitarsturned articles and other woodcraft, including carved wooden articles. This implies that stamen length increases as the corolla tube elongates, as occurs in P. For the insect genus, see Cordia insect.

Heteromorphic self-incompatibility in Primula: Measurements were taken of floral traits related to distyly, estimates made of degree of reciprocity between styles and stamens, surveys done of morph ratios and pollination experiments run to test 1 if two different floral morphs can be clearly identified for each species; 2 if reciprocal herkogamy indicating distyly is fully met between these possible morphs; and 3 if a self-incompatibility system can be associated to floral types.

You can see the long, reddish-orange style emerging from about ten stamens at the corolla’s throat, and tipped with yellow lobes, below: Floral ecology of coastal scrub in southeast Jamaica.

There does not appear to be any records of its escape from cultivation or of it naturalising anywhere in the world. All variables were left untransformed, except for number of corolla lobules and stamens; these were square-root transformed to meet the assumptions of linearity required for PCA analysis. Distyly is a floral polymorphism involving a suite of phenotypic traits. Differences in fruit production among pollination treatments were tested with the GLIMMIX procedure in SAS using the binomial distribution as the variance function for fruit proportions linked to the generalized linear model with the logit function.

I read that it has been placed on a list of plants in danger of disappearing from the wild.


Laurel Names in non-English languages: I can suggest just about any finish. Hummingbirds, occasional native bees and Apis mellifera are the primary pollinators of C.

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Individuals of this species are actually scarce at these two sites, meaning these samples represent the remaining populations. The avoidance of interference between the presentation of pollen and stigmas in Angiosperms II. A sporophytic self-incompatibility system is commonly associated with morphs to dodecanndra selfing and pollinations between plants of the same morph.

Floral variation and distyly in Guettarda scabra Rubiaceae. On the contrary, morph ratio in C.

Flowering occurs throughout the year and natural stands are common along the Yucatan Peninsula coast, growing in small, spatially interconnected groups Chan-Vermont et al. Higher p i values indicate less precision between the organ heights of one morph and another, whereas a zero value represents perfect precision. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden The authors thank Rodrigo Duno for assistance with floral morphology measurements, Alfredo Dorantes for assistance with field work, Carlos M.

Canadian Journal of Botany The soft, ripe fruit are edible and are made into desserts or are processed into fruit preserves, particularly in the Yucatan, in Mexico.

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As a note to anyone intending to work with it. Fully open flowers bagged from the flower bud stage of each morph were assigned to one of five treatments: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Cordia. They were landscape punctuation, not whole sentences as were those two.

In this area, small groups of C.