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1. CFC Youth for Christ. YEAR 1: COVENANT ORIENTATION ( EDITION). YFC Covenant Orientation. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Chapter 1: THE COVENANT . Youth For Christ West Cluster will held an Covenant Orientation this upcoming January 21, at Saint Catherine Academy, Mambusao. So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the.

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Type of love – 1 Cor. It means sacrifice and perseverance. We protect the environment. Loving, Honoring, and Serving the Country Our souls long for God Ps.

Conclusion There is an attack on the family. We will experience dryness in prayer as if God is nowhere to be found. Sufferings, trials and doubts B. Loving God entails sacrifice B. Take a positive attitude about our country.

TALK 2 – Covenant Orientation by Beverly Ann Cueto on Prezi

Loving God means that we should always include God in our decisions, be they big or small. Receiving Holy Communion is receiving Jesus Himself. We obey the laws of the land. Speakers for orienttion talk Resource Materials: The Covenant of a Youth for Christ member He cares for us.

We respect our parents primarily because they are our parents.


Loving, Honoring and Serving Country 4: There is a longing for our souls to be united with God, to be one with Him. Two things to remember about the family: Like any YFC activity, the teachings should be given in a light atmosphere.

Honor and Respect Ex If we love God, then we must love those whom He loves. Service Like any family, love and loyalty is expressed through service. Loving God means being pure in body as well as in spirit. The more we pray to Him in times like these, all the more He will be pleased with us and will reward us.

All creation belongs to God. Since we know that God loves us and that we are special to Him, He has forgiven our sins and we are His children, then the Lord is also special to us.

I will strive to grow in unity and understanding towards them. Being good examples to our classmates by not cheating, respecting school authorities and property. Being instruments of healing: Going to confession, our souls are washed and polished by Jesus and reunites us with the Father. God has placed us where we are, for a purpose.

Loving, Honoring and Serving Family What area in my relationship with my parents can I grow in? Expressing to them their importance to us and appreciating them. The talks must be delivered by young adult leaders who have already undergone this training track. We should be eager to bring other souls to the Lord by serving actively in YFC activities, Youth Camps or church activities. We should be able to do that wherever it is that He has placed us orientatipn our own countries. Fear of rejection B.


YFC WA | Covenant Orientation 2018

The Covenant Talks are as follows: He accepts us for who we are. Characteristics of Family-type Relationships A. God forgives my sins. Fear of Rejection – We should draw our confidence from knowing that the King of Kings has accepted and loved us as we are.

After each talk, copies of the teaching outline are distributed, and the assembly is divided into discussion groups or even into their own households if possible to further discuss the teaching.

The blood that unites us is the blood of Jesus Himself. Conclusion God is our Creator and our Father. We know that God has a purpose for everything. God forgives yffc sins Mt. Loving YFC as a family A. Conclusion If we love God, then it follows that we should love one another 1 Jn 4: