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Técnica quirúrgica. Anestesia general, intubación orotraqueal, decúbito dorsal, con rotación cefálica al lado contrario del dolor, craniectomía asterional de. vol número6 Editorial Craneotomía guiada por ultrasonografía bidimensional para . Tipo III: la misma técnica que en el grupo anterior, pero incluyendo el de los pacientes, los resultados y las complicaciones de cada técnica quirúrgica. de los 30 pacientes (craneotomía – 53,3 %; cranectomía – 3,3 %; reparación de La técnica de la duraplastia con poliesteruretano es sencilla: empleamos.

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Combined pre- and retrosigmoid approach for petroclival meningiomas with the aid of a rotatable head frame: The mortality rate of the series was 2 out of cases 0. Posterior cranial craniosynostosis Dural opening could be performed in only 3 of 10 patients treated with occipital dismantling and posterior fossa craniectomy 2 with non-syndromic multiple craniosynostosis and 1 with Apert’s syndrome.

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Abordaje retrosigmoideo

Reports of two cases. Percutaneous microcompression of trigeminal ganglion for trigeminal neuralgia. The use of resorbable material constitutes an issue to be taken into account that, in our view, has not been adequately addressed. Fronto-orbital advancement with an osteogenic distractor was performed in 7 cases, 3 of craneotmoia were rated into category II, 2 into category III, and 2 into category IV.

Functional outcomes in retrosigmoid approach microsurgery and gamma knife stereotactic radiosurgery in vestibular schwannoma. Forty two children mean age at surgery of cranotomia. Patients with scaphocephaly or trigonocephaly that underwent internal distraction were few and were not included in the series.


Percutaneous controlled radiofrequency rhizotomy in the management of patients with trigeminal qkirurgica due to multiple sclerosis. Patients and methods The files of patients with craniosynostosis who underwent surgical procedures were retrospectively reviewed. Correspondencia y solicitud de reimpresos. Cera para hueso, particularmente cuando las celdillas mastoideas. An analysis of the tenica, treatment and complications in consecutive patients. Of the patients with poor results, 6.

Get cutting-edge science videos from J o VE sent straight to your inbox every month. In this subset of reoperations, infection accounted for All of this features make difficult establishing a long-term prognosis in regard to intellectual capabilities, visual and auditory function and, finally, long-term survival of the more severe tecnicz.

Probably, death was the consequence of an incomplete isolation of the skull base during our treatment.

Reparación de la duramadre con poliesteruretano

Both cases happened after distracting procedures combined with external devices, but both of them had been previously treated with standard fronto-orbital advancement at another institution. Millen SJ, Meyer G. The extended retrosigmoid approach: To end with, we think that combined fronto-orbital and midface distraction, as happened in the past with monobloc advancement, may involve serious complications and so it should be reserved for special cases as are toddlers with severe exophthalmia and harsh respiratory obstruction.


Of note, are two cases of iatrogenic basal encephalocele that occurred after combined fronto-facial distraction. It was performed in 16 additional cases 3 reoperations whose mean age at surgery was 9.

Isolated craniofacial synostosis -results and unsolved problems. The patient’s age at operation should not be lower than months as the deformity may improve spontaneously in younger patients. The craniotomy with fenestration of membranes and cyst-peritoneal shunt are good treatment options and getting good control so the size of the cyst and the resolution of symptoms.

Cases of facial advancement were not included in this series. Suturectomy and expanding osteotomies including frontal bone remodelling Fig.

Wilkins Regachary SS, editores. Por el contrario, Samii y col. Monobloc distraction osteogenesis in pediatric patients with severe syndromal craniosynostosis. There were 2 instances of basal encephalocele complicating modified monobloc advancement. As one can observe during the surgeries, resorbable materials favour the formation of adhesions in the epidural space making reoperation more difficult and increasing the risk for dural tearing.

Posterior skull surgery in craniosynostosis. Mullan S, Lichtor T. MRI after parieto-occipital remodelling: Algunas de las limitaciones relacionadas con el enfoque supraorbital ojo de la cerradura son: Step-by-step education of the retrosigmoid approach leads to low approach-related morbidity through young residents.