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terapia por frío. crioterapia. termoterapia superficial. cualquier aplicación por debajo de la temperatura del cuerpo humano se considera una aplicación de frio . Harris E.D., and McCroskery P.A.: The influence of temperature and fibril stability on degradation of cartilage collagen by rheumatoid synovial. RELAJACIÓN MUSCULAR. ESTÍMULO DE LA FUNCIÓN ARTICULAR. DISMINUCIÓN DEL DOLOR. DISMINUCIÓN DE LA ESPASTICIDAD.

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Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, 15 5 Hind limb kinematics during therapeutic exercises in dogs with osteoarthritis of the hip joints.

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Evaluation of the anatomic effect of physical therapy exercises for mobilization of lumbar spinal nerves and the dura mater in dogs.

Physical agent modalities in physical therapy and rehabilitation of small animals. Use of an inverse dynamics method to compare the threedimensional motion of the pelvic limb among clinically normal dogs and dogs with cranial cruciate ligament-deficient stifle joints following tibial plateau leveling osteotomy or lateral fabellar-tibia.

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Rehabilitation and physical therapy for selected orthopedic conditions in veterinary patients. Use of bathroom scales in measuring asymmetry of hindlimb static weight bearing in dogs with osteoarthritis.

Validity of goniometric joint measurements in cats.

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