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The Culture Code – by Clotaire Rapaille. ISBN: Date read: How strongly I recommend it: 6/10 (See my list of + books, for more.). In his book, The Culture Code, Clotaire Rapaille presents a quite different approach to understanding cultures and how they play out in. While anthropologist, Dr. Clotaire Rapaille, is out there preaching the In this in- depth interview, we uncover the culture code as well as some.

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Health is movement; when you stop, you’re dead. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Clotaire Rapaille

Actually I’ve already read it last year but I didn’t finish it. Public radio caters to a socially minded crowd. They cannot be denied. Why are people around the world so very different?

The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille | : Books

There are two key concepts: The Best Music of This page was last edited on 16 Novemberat I recommend reading it. Of course, as an American author, he talks cultre about American. The book is full of examples such as this.

When Rapaille started his work more than thirty years ago, it was groundbreaking, and his personal stories present a wealth of lively cultural diversity: While this may be a tendency, there are clearly times when people’s rationality over-rides their emotions, and even times when people sacrifice survival for a non-survival goal.


It plants heady cultural theories in practical settings, and uses examples from daily life to illustrate its point. Even though the book is in the category of business and marketing it is more in the realm of practical anthropology and is definitely worth a second read.

This technique doesn’t ask what people want, but why they want it. In another version, he got his first taste of chocolate — which he still remembers — from an American G. Rapaille considers these emotions to be of prime importance, because the emotions determine our preferences, even for such mundane items as cars and coffee.

The French are actually and unfortunately more French than ever. Americans are bombarded with media information and daily cultural messages that oftentimes are contradictory, complex, and confusing. We just created a new world where all the intolerant people can live together. Clotaire Rapaille is the chairman of Archetype Discoveries Coee and has used this decoding approach for thirty years.

The core idea is only slightly less obvious: Based on this, Rapaille suggested replacing square headlights with round ones, because horses have round eyes. How they feel about it? We seem to be sprinting towards homogenization.

There is codifying, encoding, decoding. His assessment of why Americans are fat also feels a bit stretching.

The Man Behind the Culture Code

For the Americans by an American. One has only to look at differences between generations to see that cultures change at least with each new generation.


Jan 29, Gayle rated it it was amazing. That the reader finds his or herself nodding along to and believing Rapaille’s conclusions about American culture is troublesome because it upholds the book’s hidden theme — American life is governed by material culture, short-cut solutions, and corporate rulers who expertly read and manipulate individual identity.

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Actually my fingers get crampy and tired from typing all day laugh I would like to transfer every single word of this book but unfortunately I clotairee sad I know this review doesn’t make a lot of sense until you’ve read the book SO I’m just gonna say DO IT! Beneath the cortex, the seat of logic and reason, is the limbic, which houses emotions.

Rapaille ties this in to Levi-Staussian structuralism, but one could more generally look at it in terms of social and semantic structure broadly. Frankly, several of the “codes” and facts he claims seem doubtful. Rapaille, analyze the reasoning behind doors being feminine! Codes are everywhere, imbuing everything with meaning. And this was realy interesting.

Rapaille offers at least a few of these in a critical light, and no doubt some readers will take exception to these, and possibly others.